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Expects to see you in GTI(NO.2T32) Guangzhou
Author: SinoridesTime: 2017-09-15 15:39:38
Time: Sept. 13-15,2017
Exhibition Hall: China import and export fair exhibition hall  
Address: #380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province
GTI Asia China Expo 2017
Dear friends, the 9th Guangzhou Electronic Games International Industry Exhibition 2017 has begun now. As a leader in the amusement rides industry, we are attending it by carrying the best-seller star ship rides and the new developed The Lion of Luck Ride. These two new amusement rides are the first time to be presented in the exhibition. With interesting and innovative designs, they may probably to lead the market for children's rides in the future. Welcome to our booth 2T32! Looking forward to see you at the exhibition!
GTI amusement rides
GTI amusement rides
Children Rides
GTI new kiddie rides
This time we have added lucky draw and you can enjoy the discount on the spot. Besides, you can get our model machine with bottom price. There are some other unexpected special offers and we hope you won't miss it! At the same time, in order to serve the customers better, we will provide you with the theme park planning for free, and we will also provide you a 3D design drawing with high clarity and reasonable layout. There are some other popular thrill amusement rides for you to choose, such as Energy Claw,Top Spin,Pirate Ship,Jumping Circle Rides, etc. 
GTI amusement rides inquiry
GTI amusement rides inquiry 
SINORIDES wants to be the best amusement park service provider and wants to be your lifelong friend. We will wait for you in GTI Guangzhou!