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Distinctions Between Trackless Train and Track Train
Author: SinoridesTime: 2017-10-14 16:53:57
Trackless train runs directly on the concrete road or asphalt road of the scenic spot while track train runs on the steer rail laid on both sides of the scenic route.
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Trackless trains are mainly powered by 72V batteries while track trains are powered by 48V which transformed from 220V. Of course, the power I'm talking about here is just a reference, some numbers are small, some numbers are larger. The functions we want to achieve are different, so the power design will be different. For example, the motivation for tourist train is a little bigger, because it has more customers, sometimes more than 40 passengers. SINORIDES is a professional manufacturer supplying trackless trains and track trains. Most importantly, the amusement ride price is cheap and the quality is fine. There are good sales at home and abroad,winning a good reputation and trust of the society.

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