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Five Principles for Amusement Rides Lubrication
Author: SinoridesTime: 2017-12-01 10:50:48

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Lubrication is very important in the operation of amusement equipment, and it is also the key to ensure the normal operation of amusement equipment. The following five principles must be adhered to when doing lubrication work on amusement facilities:
Firstly, to ensure the quality of lubricating oil. Purchase oil according to the grease brand specified in the lubrication chart.
Secondly, to clean, add or change lubricating oil regularly.
Thirdly, to add or change oil quantitatively.
Fourthly, to determine the lubricating parts and points of the amusement equipment, keep them clean and intact. Implement the designated refueling.
Fifthly, according to the rules of amusement equipment manufacturer, the operator should be equipped when customers buy the amusement rides so that xustomers know how to do the lubricated work.