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How to price the new amusement rides?
Author: SinoridesTime: 2017-12-15 17:08:30

The product price of new amusement rides is closely related to the operating cost. The more expensive the new rides are not necessarily the better, but we can still get a general idea of the grade of the new amusement equipment through price. However, many people have some misconceptions about the pricing of new amusement rides.

So, what factors should be considered in the pricing of new amusement rides?

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1.Production Process

The same new type of amusement equipment, every manufacturer varies from raw materials and production processes. for example, the different types and specifications of steel, bearing, motor, speed reducer, air compressor and tire are different, thus the cost is different. The cost of the glass-and-steel parts that are purchased from the glass mills and the factory itself is different.

2.Factory Scale

The factory scale also determines the price of new amusement equipment. For example, the cost of the factory who has more employees, large scale, higher rent is different from those who has fewer employees, small scale and low rent.
3.Production Efficiency
It is no doubt that high efficiency can reduce the production cost. For example, to finish a new set of amusement equipment, some manufacturers need ten days while others only need less than a week. Since the cost is different, the price is also different.
Therefore, when choosing a new type of amusement equipment, we cannot judge the class of new amusement equipment just by price. We also need to consider many other factors.