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The design principle of a children amusement park
Author: SinoridesTime: 2018-05-11 11:19:40
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Nowadays, the amusement rides industry of amusement rides has developed vigorously. If you want to building a children amusement park, you'd better know more about children, what do they like or dislike, and then the park designer can have a better park plan about your amusement park. Now SINORIDES want to share some good ideas with all of you.
1.What's the essential issue about designing the children amusement park?
When we travel around all the amusement parks, we can see that the park design is patterned: all kinds of amusement rides, such as carousel rides, self-control plane and so on or some indoor rides placing on the carpet, such as the slides. Actually, there is no sense of design, and they just buy some ride and put them there. So, we should consider kids’ requirement, then male a health and happy place to have fun!
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2.The design principle of children amusement park.   
(1)The park design which is based on the Child Development is good for children.
For the amusement park design, the greatest misstep or failure is that aerial view in more better than the actual room. Besides, you should focus on the height of children, because it will affect the kids' sight when they play with the rides.
(2)According to the age and quantity, and then you can make a plan for scientific plane about the room design and space usage. Population and age characteristics determine the space area and room usage.
(3)Through the scientific environment, bring more abundant sensory stimulation. Every part of your park design can be regarded as the children development, so the surroundings should be more natural, because it can help stimulate the children's sensory abilities. What's more, the natural surrounding is better than the colorful wall in helping children.
(4)Diversity of amusement rides can help increase child involvement and participation
The monotonous amusement rides can not attract kids for a long time, so you'd better choose all kinds of rides, such as the mechanical equipment, like carousel rides or self-control plane rides, which are very popular among people. Unmechanized amusement rides are necessary for children park.
OK, that's what I learn from the experience. Wish it can help you, if you have more and better ideas, please contact with Sinorides, and we are very happy to know more new friends. Sinorides is a professional amusement rides manufacturer, and we are always believe that the customers first is must. CUSTOMERS ALWAYS FIRST!