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The Excellent Amusement Parks Owner Should DO It.
Author: SinoridesTime: 2018-07-04 10:47:44
Are you still worried about competing with your peers? Nowadays withe development of economy, all walks of life is booming, then what should you do to ensure your competitiveness in your industry?If you are the amusement park operator, what should you do? Amusement parks have multiplied in recent years, and we can see it everywhere, and standing out from the competition become the very important thing.Today let’s talk about it.
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1. Potential competitive targeting
All kinds of amusement parks (including indoor parks and outdoor parks) within a kilometer of area: Children's Park, Video Game City, Animation Park, Research and Expansion Park, Science and Technology Exploration Park, Role Play Type Park/Child Work Experience Park, Children's Film and Television Experience City, Children's Indoor Ski Resort, Children's Water Park and so on.
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2. Joint Ventures Strategy with other operators
When there are competitors is around your children's park, you can take advantage of the difference and attract more customers. The competition target can be utilized to cooperate with each other to achieve a win-win effect.
For example, a single children's playground is less competitive than a comprehensive one. The advantage of a comprehensive park is that the amusement rides are diverse and allows children to have a variety of fresh and playful experiences. Therefore, we can associate with related amusement operators or participate about the joint ventures strategy: propagandize for each other and have resource sharing. For example, exchange experience voucher or send discount coupons of your affiliated business and so on.
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3. Face the competition and take the initiative
If it is really impossible to complete the joint venture, then you, as the operator of the parks, must know how to face the competition and take the initiative to find a way to "grab" the customer!
Price war is the last thing you have to do with your peers.Even if you want to fight the price war, you must stagger the positive competition. For example, the opponent will be 30% off every day, and you can have a special price such as the original price of 500 yuan per year, the current price is 300 !
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4. Point consumption & regular customer
Point consumption refers to a consumption pattern in which shopping and consumption are replaced by virtual points instead of real money. It usually brings a large degree of discount to consumers and brings a good consumer experience to consumers. It can also increase consumer stickiness and is a good marketing tool for businesses. Merchants need to make consumption plans according to their local consumption levels. The common ones are monthly cards, season cards, and annual cards. In addition to giving consumers discounts, they can also accumulate points to redeem gifts. Gift types usually use children's favorite toys or Supplies, you can also redeem points for free play times. This novel way of doing things is relatively more attractive and can turn most consumers into repeat customers.
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5. Connective Marketing 
In the conclusion, a long term marketing development of Connective Marketing is predicted, and a Connective Marketing strategy is formed. For example, you can set a Snack Bar in your amusement parks. 
Investing and operating amusement parks requires skill and all of you must consider in many directions. Excellent operator can still be more flexible with what you could do with your children amusement parks.