Amusement Rides Welding Training


Sinorides, as a professional amusement rides manufacturer,

pay more attention to the quality of amusement products,

including the details of amusement rides,

such as welding skills.

Every amusement ride is a CRAFTS after a very complicated process to complete.

Welding skill is a critical part of the process.

In order to improve workers’ welding skills,

Sinorides team received a 3-hour training on welding technology in the office and another 3-hour practice instructions and guidance in the workshop.

Many THANKS to Mr Liang- the man in the white safe helmet in the photos,

thank you for your sharing.

Maintenance technicians and amusement ride mechanics are often required to have welder training.

Those who work in these fields are tasked with inspecting,

maintaining, repairing and/or modifying amusement rides as needed.

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