Redefining the Business Mode for Children’s Playground



All sorts of problems in the children’s playground make owners so anxious and want to run a good business but have no way to change the status. In the large environment of many brands and manufacturers, we must begin to redefine the business mode of children’s playground:

  1. Aim atPark Planning

Abandon the traditional park layout, and no longer blindly stack equipment. From the perspective of children’s playground, combined with current market hot spots, make rational distribution, make full use of space, and lay the operation foundation at the beginning.

  1. Create Advantages

Create a children’s education service system containing a full-growth chain, a whole experience chain, a whole industry chain, show social and individual manifestation, and let the children generate curious, happy, and subtle feelings in the playing process. This difference will truly defeat competitors, and make them unable to catch up. Meanwhile, visitors will experience the most perfect shopping experience.

  1. Aim at Member Operations

By differentiating marketing and operation for different customers, provide customized services for target customers, thus greatly improving customers’ consumption experience and enhancing the reputation and resulting in loyalty.

  1. Upgrade the Playground

In the design of the children’s playground, it is suggested that owners should start the business from the convenience of future equipment renewal. Also, a part of investment used to do wiring update reservations is very worthwhile, so the equipment renovation in the future need not be stopped, and any specification and power demand can be carried out. This will save a lot of cost, and new equipment marketing can become a highlight at the stage marketing.

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