Regulated Management on Amusement Park Rides

Author: Sinorides   Time: 2016-10-08 15:19:50


How to manage amusement park rides in a regulated way remains a big problem for each amusement rides owner. Sinorides here offers some tips for each owner to refer.

First is the placement of safety sign. Major rides whose height is higher than 2 meters and operational speed is more than 2m/s belongs to special equipment, and can only be put into use after passing the test. So the qualification sign should be put on the notable place. In addition, attention matters should be expressed for tourists to understand. The owner of major rides should do the quarantine inspection appliance according to the standard every year for the sake of the safety of the rides and passengers.

Then it involves the daily maintenance of the rides. The daily maintenance includes checking the mechanic operational parts, duration of consumption equipment, abnormity and noise during operation, fixation of screws and addition of lubricant and so on. These daily inspections are very significant, and many malfunctions and safety hazards can be found out.

The third one is the sanitary work, including cleaning the site and the rides, and disinfecting the rides. Only sanitary rides can make passengers take them without misgivings, and at the same time improve their favor and belief. So more people will be attracted and bring more profits.

The last point is the regulated operation. All the operators should master relevant operational knowledge and have trained to be professional ones. During operation, they should observe passengers’ state and ride’ operational condition. If abnormity is found, stop the ride and find the reasons then restart the ride.

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