Rules of the Safe Operation of Children Amusement Rides

   Time: 2016-09-10 15:05:08


Since children amusement rides are growing in a big number, so the safety problem of their operation has caught people’s attention. To make sure our business normal, what rules should we obey when operating amusement rides?

  1. Pay close attention to passengers’ state when the rides work.

We should keep a watchful eye on passengers’ state, especially teenagers’. Because most of the riders are teenagers, who love taking part in the amusement rides with high technology, and some of them will break the rules and do some unsafe or dangerous behaviors. So operators must pay attention to every passenger, and if we find they have some unsafe behaviors, we must stop them to avoid accidents.

  1. After a-day operation, check the machines again.

When the business is finished, we must do the completion inspection after children amusement rides stop at the fixed positions. Items of the completion inspection differ in types. And the result of inspection should be recorded in the operational journal. It includes:

  1. Contents of completion inspection.
  2. Whether the cabin is normal.
  3. Whether the fence is normal.
  4. Whether the mechanic device and electric device are normal.
  5. Whether the operational device is normal.
  6. Whether other necessary parts are normal.
  7. Things need to be ensured:
  8. Things passengers have left;
  9. Air vent valve of air compressor;
  10. Cut off the power;
  11. Other necessary items.
  12. Fill in the operational record of the day.
  13. Before operation, check strictly according to the contents of morning inspection, and carefully fill in the inspection record term by term.
  14. If the ride is in normal maintenance or needs repairing its malfunctions or damages, it needs to write down in the record and save it.
  15. After the business is over, record items in the operational journal.

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