Safety Devices for Pirate Ship Amusement Equipment

  Time: 2016-12-15 15:58:01


Now there are many kinds of pirate ship, and it is a very common amusement equipment. Now we are going to talk about its safe devices for us to know about this popular equipment.

Pirate ship’s movement is the reciprocating swing, and its swing angle is generally between 40-60 degrees and the speed is 400 m/min or so. The transmission way is friction drive. The lower part of the ship body is provided with a friction rail, which is pressed against the rail so as to realize the repeated movement of the ship body by reciprocating rotation of the friction wheel. When it is about to stop, the friction is no longer rotating, relying on the friction between the track to generate a braking effect. The power of driving the friction wheel has two forms: electric one and hydraulic one. If the adjustment is good, both forms are ideal. The name of “Pirate ship” originates from the import game machine, because the ship has a “pirate” shape as decoration. And some product in China removes the “pirate”, and replaces with a dragon head and names it as “dragon boat.”

The required safety devices and measures are:

(1) Safety bar which cannot be opened arbitrarily.

(2) Hull swing limit device.

(3) Insurance measures of the hanging device.

(4) The insurance measures of the hanging shaft.

(5) Over-voltage fuse of the hydraulic system.

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