Safety Devices on the Amusement Equipment

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What is the most important thing about amusement equipment? Naturally it is to ensure the safety of passengers, so each equipment has a lot of design to ensure the safety. Here we take a look at what safety devices on the amusement equipment.

Seat Belt

Open cockpits of high-altitude rotation, such as self-control plane, kangaroo jump, should be used seat belts. The bandwidth should be about 50mm, braided by nylon instead of cotton belt, plastic belt, artificial leather and leather belt. The first three kinds’ strength is weak, easy to damage, and the belt can be easily deformed or broken by rain. The seat belt should be divided into two sections, respectively fixed in the cockpit, and the fixed method must be reliable. If the seat belt is fixed on the FRP cockpit, it must be fixed with steel plate or embedded metal structure to ensure its strength.

Safety Gear Lever

This form can be used as the safety gear lever, or handrail. The locking of the lever can be used in a variety of ways, such as a convenient plug type, or a spring-like collision type as a door lock with a wedge shape formed by a spring-impingement head, and a plunger Inside.

Safety Pressure Bar

Common safety bars are usually made of seamless steel pipe or stainless steel pipe, with a diameter of 40-50mm. The main role is to suppress the passengers’ thigh part and obstruct the body. Amusement equipment of tilt or swing types is applied more. The safety bar must have a locking device that cannot be opened freely, and mostly use spring bolt locking.

Entry and Exit Blocks

Cockpit’s entry and exit blocks are generally set in the children rides, although the small amusement equipments move slowly and most are just ground running. In order to ensure the safety of children, at the entry and exit blocks should be set up, and small train’s mostly use ring chains.

Safety Handle

Most amusement equipments’ cockpits are equipped with a safety handle. Although small, it plays a very important role in terms of security. When the amusement euipments appear shock and vibration, as long as the passengers grip the handle, they can remain stable. In the event of an accident, and even the cockpit overturned 90 °, in the absence of other security facilities, as long as they firmly grasp the handle, it will not cause personal injury.

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