General Safety Standards of Kids Amusement Rides

   Time: 2016-09-12 17:20:03


 It is common to see lots of kids amusement rides in the parks. Once noticing these colorful rides, kids would always like to have a try when their parents take them out. However, considering some potential safety hazards may exist in products produced by some suppliers, many parents cannot feel eased when children play them. In order to avoid unnecessary safety accidents, suppliers of kids amusement rides must implement strictly the product quality standards in the production process. Only in this way can parents feel assured to let kids play, and kids will also have more joyful weekends.

      Introduction to the safety standards of amusement rides:

  1. When amusements rides runs, passenger safety devices must be set up in case that passengers may get moved, bumped, or tossed out, or slide out when taking rides.
  2. Amusement rides’ passenger part operates in the air, so the whole structure must be solid and reliable, and safety precautions to its important parts should be taken.
  3. The opening direction of safety gate should conform to passengers’ moving direction. Gaps between the gate frame and column should be appropriate, or other precautions can be taken in case of damages to people’s hands when closing the door.
  4. As for amusements rides that pose greater danger, it should consider set up 2 sets of separate safety devices if necessary, such as safety belts, safety pressure bars, handrails and so on.

      Additional matters needing attention:

  1. Installment department must strictly comply with the construction safety codes of aloft work, and install protective screening and anti-slide by standardization, and equip with effective fire extinguisher.
  2. When kids amusement rides officially open, it is a necessity to have operation training, and operate strictly according to operation codes, for the purpose of making sure the rides run safely.

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