Site Selection and Publicity Methods for Children Equipment Investment

   Time: 2016-10-30 09:07:07


Small amusement equipment investment should pay attention to location and publicity, then how to choose and publicize?

First, site selection. Good location is half of the success of small children amusement equipment. First of all, if you are in the urban areas, there must be similar projects around the downtown, so you are going to compete with others. You should make your amusement equipment more excellent than others, and own the momentum to defeat your opponents, or else a slow competition is really hard. From a smaller point of view, the supermarket is preferred. If the rent is insufficient, you can do an independent store, and choose the location you like.

Second, documents. As for the small children amusement equipment documents, the requirements vary in different areas. Before business opening you must make a good consultation.

Third, equipment. This is no reference standard, but still you should not only take into account of the price but also the service life problem. The quality should be good.

Fourth, publicity and advertising. The more investment, the more money you need to invest. If it is a town, do not need publicity. But make cards, such as monthly cards, quarter cards, annual cards, then the basic cost can be recovered. If it is a small county, it can be fixed through the membership system to absorb the flow of people, increasing consumption and leading to popularity! There is no business that does not make money, but only people who cannot do business well.

Fifth, the latter part of the business. This is mainly to see how you operate. if the previous points are done well, it basically has no problem.

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