Some Safety Items in Taking an Amusement Ride

  Time: 2016-09-12 17:28:00

It is obvious that amusement park has been a best choice for people to relax. On holidays, families can go there to have a play, thus both excising their bodies and promoting family relationship. Here, Sinorides reminds everyone to take cautions when taking some thrill rides, in case of bodily injuries and property loss.

First, an appropriate dressing is need.

When taking rides passengers’ clothes should be not too loose or too tight, and it’s better not to wear skirts. Shoes should be fit for feet in case of tossing out, and sandals are preferable when taking part in water activities. After taking a water ride, say flume ride, passengers’ clothes will get wet, so two sets of clothes can be prepared for changing.

Second, small objects should never be carried.

During the process of taking rides concerned on flying high or rotating, it’s better for passengers to take out their dentures, contact lenses, or something else to prevent bodily injuries from acting force. Don’t chew gams, and women who should have their long hairs up. To avoid property loss, it’s inappropriate for passengers to carry or wear things that will easily be tossed out, such as glasses, wallets, watches, phones, car keys, lighters, and necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other accessories.

Third, parents’ bad habits should not affect children.

Things, like queueing, eating, drinking, are common to see in taking amusement rides. There are lots of kids in amusement parks, so adults should behave well, don’t jump a queue or throw litters everywhere, in order to give a good example to children.


Most amusement parks have amusement rides like roller coaster, flume ride, drop tower, bumper car. These rides have some differences as for their adaptive groups, and their thrill degree is higher, so demand for passengers is also higher. As a result, citizen must take a good look at the notices on the rides before taking rides, and know about those limits to the height, disease history for passengers. In general, people who has heart disease or just went through operation should better not take rides. Passengers who have just drunk wine and old people should take rides according to their real conditions. Children who are too young must have parents accompany. And when taking rides, passengers should follow instruction to belt up or drop the safety lever, and follow staff’s arrangement.

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