Surprising Things People Lose on Thrill Rides (1)



It is common that many people lose their articles when riding amusement rides, especially thrill rides. Often the lost things are cellphone, glasses, money, jewelries and so on. Sinorides here gives a list of 10 unusual things that people lose on thrill rides — some tangible, some physical and some psychological. Keep reading for a strange trip!

  1. Prosthetic Limbs

At Six Flags Great America, a woman was once separated from her prosthetic leg during an acrobatic journey on Batman: The Ride. At least she had the sense to claim it at lost and found.

  1. Body Parts

Sadly, a surprising number of people lose body parts — and even die — at amusement parks every year.

  1. Their Lunch

Every heart-pounding ascent and stomach-dropping plunge is calculated to deliver precise jolts of fear, panic and ecstasy. But every so often, the squeeze of a corkscrew or the weightlessness of a steep drop is a little too much for the pile of nacho cheese fries churning in your belly, and before you can say, “Look out below!” you blow.

  1. Dignity

Fabio and Jay Leno yuck it up on “The Tonight Show”, a couple years before Fabio’s unfortunate encounter with a goose — which Leno called “a collision between two birdbrains”.

  1. Bachelorhood

Asking someone to marry you is a lot like riding a roller coaster. Your heart races, your palms sweat and there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to puke before it’s over. So why not combine the two!

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