The Development of Amusement Rides Industry in China


Amusement rides industry in China started later than it in those developed countries and areas.

In 1980, Beijing Institute of Nonferrous Metallurgy developed and designed over 10 kinds of amusement rides, such as Moon Shuttle,

Youlong Water, Self-control PlaneCarouselFlying ElephantFlying ChairDouble Flying Ride, and so on.

This was a huge accomplishment in China’s development history of amusement rides, and filled the blanks of design and manufacture on amusement rides in China.

In 1981, the first modern amusement rides designed and produced by Chinese was installed in Daqing Children Park,

and from then, design, production, and appliance on amusement rides in China began.

After the reform and opening, areas like Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Guangdong, gradually established a large quantities of amusement parks,

such as Zhongshan Changjiang Amusement Park, Shanghai Jinjiang Amusement Park, and etc.

Since then, amusement rides industry enters a rapid development period, and enriches people’s life greatly,

and has promoted the development of social economy and the construction of spiritual civilization.

Over the several decades after the reform and opening, amusement rides industry in China has experienced a process from nothing to existence,

from small to large, from coarse to sophisticated,

and has formed a complete system containing design, manufacture, installation, appliance, maintenance, quality inspection and safety monitoring step by step,

and its design and innovation abilities has improved a lot.

From the original surveying and imitation to today’s independent research and development,

this industry is being mature, and some innovations has even reached the world’s most advanced level,

and the products has meet the requirements of domestic various amusement parks.


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