The Main Reasons for Accidents of Children Amusement Ride

   Time: 2016-09-12 17:36:00


The safety problem is always a focus in the children amusement rides industry, but due to many operators’ lack of safety awareness, recent accidents happen frequently, bringing about huge safety hazard for children’s sake. Now, Sinorides will summarizes some common reasons for these accidents, and hopes more people will see this and improve their safety awareness to avoid more tragedies.

First, users don’t run and manage children amusement parks well, so unprofessional operation leads to accidents. This kind of incidence rate accounts for 49 % of the total accidents of children amusement rides. In some amusement parks, there are no professional operators but some amateurs who only know about how to turn on and off the rides, and know nothing about the safety matters and motion principles.

Second, failure of important machine parts leads to accidents — about 35 % of the total number. Many accidents happen because the bearing steel rope suddenly parts, or the buckle of steel rope gets loose, or the limitator doesn’t work. These parts can be easily neglected by servicemen when they check the large amusement rides, thereby some irresistible tragedies occur.

Third, accidents are caused by other accidents — about 16 % of the total number.

We do hope through spreading knowledge on safety matters, more operators will pay attention to the safety inspection and measures to avoid accidents.

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