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In recent years, all kinds of funfairs, large or small, becomes favored by more and more businessmen. They also have become a mark in major shopping centers, and an engine for a large number of industries. Although the prospect for the playground is good, but if there is no certain in-depth understanding of the amusement rides industry, failure is the fate!


Our nation has strived for supporting the amusement industry. In the social aspect, children are the future of the family, and many parents are paying more and more attention to them. In order to allow them to promote physical and mental development in the playing, generally a large parent-child playground or children’s playground is built. Therefore, the best time to open indoor children’s park is now!


Good location is one of the hardware indicators of the sustainable operation of the amusement park. Choosing location needs to pay attention to two points: first is the surrounding flow of people, and the second is the surrounding business prospect. Generally speaking, second-tier cities are more likely to operate than first-tier cities because big cities are much more competitive, while small cities, such as the small cities in the Mainland, do not have amusement parks in many places. Moreover, operating expenses in small counties, such as rent and maintenance fees, are much smaller than the big cities. Since the low price level in small counties, costs are relatively much cheaper. The playground site is preferred to large shopping malls, shopping malls, supermarkets, large communities, because the flow of people decides everything. But because of the more requirements of shopping malls and supermarkets, the threshold is also higher, so in addition to shopping malls and supermarkets, you can also choose community store, shopping mall, and separate store around the supermarket as a business place.


  1. Before Operation:

1.1 Inspect and finishing grooming;

1.2 The manager presides over the morning meeting, sums up yesterday’s work and arranged today’s, and encourages morale;

1.3 Inspect the condition of the whole equipment and facilities;

1.4 Get prepared all the necessary bills, cards, changes and so on.

  1. During business:

2.1 Be always keeping heart of love and innocence;

2.2 Wear a smile, being kind and polite;

2.3 Guide the children and parents and maintain a good order;

2.4 Keep the park clean always;

2.5 The cashier needs to be careful, and pay attention to the cash security, and make appropriate records;

2.6 Seriously treat the customer’s advice and requirements;

2.7 Record the views of customers and reflect to the superiors;

2.8 When encountered an emergency situation, know how to deal with calm.

  1. Before the end of business:

3.1 The cashier should do a good daily account summary, check cash and documents, communicate with the manager, and hand the record;

3.2 Carefully clean the equipment.

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