Top 10 Funniest Ferris Wheel in the World (2)



Situated in Nanchang, China, “Nanchang Star” Ferris wheel is now the second highest Ferris wheel. It is featured on the continuous rotation, about half an hour a circle.


The Ferris wheel in Chicago of America is one of the oldest Ferris wheel existing in the world. It is located near the dock of Lake Michigan, and has lasted for 2 year to accomplish. Thereafter it has been one local scenic spot.


In Japan, there is a Ferris wheel without central axis, and a roller coaster passing through its inside with a speed of 130 miles per hour. It is the present largest Ferris wheel without central axis.


China’s “Tianjin Eye” is as high as 120 meters, and it is the only one Ferris wheel constructed on the bridge.


The largest Ferris wheel in Eastern Europe is situated at the expo center of Moscow, Russia in memory of 850 years Since Moscow City was built. It is 90 meters in diameter and 73 meters high, and was finished in 1995 and has 40 cabins. It costs about 7 minutes when the wheel runs a circle.

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