What Are the Characteristics of a Successful Playground?

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Almost everyone knows Disney, a most successful playground in the world. Why can Disney become the benchmark for the amusement industry? It has the world’s most popular standards of playground evaluation. Disney has shown that a successful playground must have elements and special characteristics.

Attracting Tourists of All Ages

How can visitors of all ages like your playground? Playgrounds are often considered the most important to focus on the children or the children’s entertainment experience. This is indeed a very real problem, but it is a false assumption, not meaning that the amusement equipment in the playground is specifically prepared for the little guys.

If children’s parents do not like here, next year they will not give children more opportunities to the playground. The key to the success of the playground is to let all the people here come to experience the fun of it. For children, “mild” amusement equipment is necessary, but it also needs thrill equipment for the sake of older children and adults.

What playground needs are specifically for different aged groups with different regions. For example, Disney World’s Cartoon City is just set for the children, and Happy Island is an adult’s playground.

Numerous Entertainment Elements

The survival and death of a playground stems from their quality of service. Some projects require large-scale upgrades, such as Space Mountain, while others need to be eventually retired, because they will gradually lack the points of interest to attract the public. A successful playground must have a fixed and unforgettable entertainment program, so visitors like to repeat the equipment over and over again. But meanwhile it also needs some inclusive projects, and scalability needs to be strong. In addition, a very important point is that a project should have great narrative elements, and visitors can experience the uniqueness of the experience and a sense of substitution. This is the ability to mobilize all the senses of visitors, create random results, and add unforgettable background music. These may be some aspects of some successful entertainment projects.

Successful Theme

The difference of a theme park and an amusement park lies in theme setting and planning. Amusement equipment and games in the amusement park are just to achieve a gathering effect, and the theme park is to bring visitors into a different world, so that visitors can feel a real wonderful journey. Disney’s Magic Kingdom or Harry Potter’s Magic world in Orlando Universal Studios have done this. The careful planning of such subjects is the key to their success.

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