What Is the Biggest Misunderstanding of Choosing Indoor Amusement Park Location?



It is reported that many amusement rides industry investors as to the matter of choosing indoor amusement park location mostly focus on the popularity of the site and the passenger flow. Once met the conditions, they begin to open the park but it ends up with a shutdown. What a pity!

This way of choosing indoor amusement park location is very hasty, but ubiquitous. Investors feel that they are well aware of all aspects of the situation and do not want to waste more time on the market research and analysis. Without detailed data, after the park opens, it will fail to achieve the desired results, or will be forced to stop running, so investment is just wasted.

Then, how can we reasonably choose the location?

First we should analyze the people, or rather, have an analysis of our target customer group. Indoor amusement park customer group can be divided into fixed and mobile customers: fixed customers is relatively stable source of revenue; mobile customers, since the large randomness, is difficult to estimate. In general, indoor amusement park first should fight for a fixed source, because if there is no fixed source, our park is difficult to continue. Under the precondition of grasping a fixed source, we can go to strive for liquidity, then the popularity of the park will be more prosperous.

In the location choosing, fixed and mobile customers are corresponded to community-based shopping district and mobile shopping district.

The characteristics of these two business district are different. Community-type shopping district is a single commercial area, and has a fixed number of tourists more but lacks mobile crowd. Mobile shopping district is a pure business district with large flow of people, and the surrounding community is very small, or there are just some old communities. Mobile + community-type shopping district is business-intensive with balanced flow of people, a fixed customer resources and surrounding communities.

Obviously, mobile + community-based shopping district is the best choice for park location.

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