Operating procedures and precautions for pirate ship amusement rides(viking ship rides)

As a large-scale amusement equipment,

Pirate ship amusement rides(viking ship rides) must have perfect operating specifications,

and the operation process should be strictly observed:

No.1, The staff must undergo strict job training and master the business knowledge and operation skills of the position.

No.2, Safety inspection must be done before operation. No-load test machine should be run for no less than three times and passengers can be carried out after confirming everything is normal.

No.3. Tourists who do not meet the conditions for riding are not allowed to ride.

No.4, Guide tourists to take their seats correctly, fasten their seat belts, and overcrowding is strictly prohibited.5. Introduce the rules and precautions of the ride to tourists.


No.6, Ring the bell prompt before starting, confirm that there is no danger before starting the operation.


7, Pay close attention to the behavior of tourists and stop the unsafe behavior of individual tourists in time.


No.8, Sorting, cleaning, inspection of each bearing, ancillary equipment, to ensure that clean and orderly, no safety hazards.


No.9. Record the operation log


Only by strictly adhering to the above operating specifications can we ensure safety in operation and bring unparalleled experience to tourists!

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