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Paratrooper Ride FAQ: Everything You Need to Know

Are you considering adding a Paratrooper Ride to your amusement park or carnival? If so, you’ve come to the right place! This blog post will answer all of your frequently asked questions about Paratrooper Rides, including:

  • What is a Paratrooper Ride?
  • What are the safety features of a Paratrooper Ride?
  • What is the age range for a Paratrooper Ride?
  • How much does a Paratrooper Ride cost?
  • How many people are needed to operate a Paratrooper Ride?
  • How much space does a Paratrooper Ride require?
  • What are the maintenance requirements for a Paratrooper Ride?

This blog post is a valuable resource for anyone purchasing or operating a Paratrooper Ride. This post will teach you everything you need to know about these exciting and popular amusement rides.

What is a Paratrooper Ride?

The paratrooper ride is an entertaining fairground ride with seats flying in the air.

All the seats are correctly integrated with wheels which keep rotating during the motion at a particular angle.

Almost all seats can move in every possible direction under centrifugal force powered by the rotating wheel.

Moreover, umbrella-shaped upper support is present in the paratrooper ride, acting as a canopy and keeping all the seats aligned.

What is a Paratrooper Ride

Where Are Paratrooper Rides Made?

Paratrooper rides are mainly made and maintained at Lagoon for decades.

It’s commonplace for this thrill ride’s brief construction and manufacturing.

But now, China has come to the top for making paratrooper rides because of the availability of many manufacturers.

Sinorides is a Chinese manufacturer that ensures the quality production, shipping, and import of paratroopers.

Where Are Paratrooper Rides Made

Where Are Paratrooper Rides Made

What Are the Different Types of Paratrooper Rides?

Some of the different types of paratrooper rides are given below:

  • Breakdance paratrooper ride
  • Bumper boat paratrooper ride
  • Balloon race ride
  • Booster (HUSS) paratrooper ride
  • Bayern Kurve ride
  • Bugly The Whale Paratrooper ride
  • Mini paratrooper ride

Types of Paratrooper Ride

Where Can I Buy a Paratrooper Ride?

You can buy the best quality paratrooper ride from China since it’s considered the center of amusement ride production worldwide.

Many replenishing paratrooper ride manufacturers in China offer convenient installation and ride transport services.

Besides the availability of many significant manufacturers, China has centers for high-quality raw materials used in constructing the paratrooper ride.

The prices of all services for paratrooper rides in China are also pretty handy.

Where Can I Buy a Paratrooper Ride

Where Can I Buy a Paratrooper Ride

How Much Does a New Paratrooper Ride Cost?

A new paratrooper ride costs about $20,000 to $30,000.

However, the cost of a new paratrooper ride depends on several factors, such as the quality of materials, seating capacity, size, and other shipment services.

The price for a paratrooper ride also increases with the customization services you demand to be done in your ride.

How Does a Paratrooper Ride Work?

A paratrooper rotates the canopy wheel at certain angles with the integrated seats.

All seats are aligned perfectly, along with the rotating wheel.

The central gondola or wheel moves freely regardless of the seat’s motion.

Furthermore, the seats can change their direction of movement at any time during the motion.

They’re all set to swing out of the wheel’s circle under centrifugal force.

Working on Paratrooper Ride

Does a Paratrooper Ride Accelerate?

A paratrooper ride has a centripetal acceleration.

This thrill ride is equipped with a rotating wheel that keeps moving under the action of centripetal force.

The presence of centripetal force causes the centripetal acceleration to come into action.

Thus, the riders feel weightless at the top because of centripetal acceleration.

How Many Volts Does a Paratrooper Ride Need?

The voltage needed for a paratrooper ride ranges up to 380V.

However, the voltage frequency of this thrill ride can be increased according to the voltage production of your amusement ride.

Moreover, the voltage requirements of a paratrooper ride vary according to the size and the seating capacity.

Which Type of Motion And Angle Does a Paratrooper Ride Have?

The paratrooper ride has a rotating type of motion.

The upper canopy wheel of the ride moves in a rotating direction to generate the movement.

Plus, the wheel of the paratrooper ride moves at an angle of 360 degrees from the ground.

All riders sitting in the seats of the paratrooper ride are free to tilt a little to escape out from the angle due to centrifugal force.

Motion of Paratrooper Ride

How Much Does a Paratrooper Ride Weigh?

The average weight of a paratrooper ride is about 160 lbs.

This estimated weight depends on the size and model of the paratrooper ride.

In addition to this, the weight of the paratrooper ride is directly related to the seating capacity.

The greater the seating capacity of the paratrooper ride, the greater the ride’s weight will be.

How Much Time Does it Take the Paratrooper Ride to Make One Revolution?

The Paratrooper ride takes less than one minute to complete one revolution.

This fantastic ride can cover 9-12 revolutions in one minute or two.

However, the operator controls the number of revolutions of paratrooper rides.

Moreover, the high rotating speed of this ride will produce more revolutions in one minute.

Revolution of Paratrooper Ride

How Long Will It Take to Make Delivery After the Order of Paratrooper Ride is Placed?

After the order is placed, it takes about one or two weeks to deliver the paratrooper ride.

The delivery time for this thrill ride depends on the medium of the transport adopted to deliver the ride.

If the paratrooper ride is shipped through the sea, the ride will take about one and a half months to be delivered.

But if it’s shipped through a freight or air freight system, it’ll hardly take two or three days for the ride to reach the destination.

What Is the Warranty And After-Sale Service for the Paratrooper Ride?

Most paratrooper rides come with a warranty of almost one year.

However, some well-known paratrooper ride manufacturers, including Sinorides, provide a lifetime warranty for this amusement ride.

The after-sale services of paratrooper rides include a wide variety of helpful services ranging from the shipment to the installation of the ride.

Some of the standard after-sale services for paratrooper rides are:

  • Repair of the damaged parts
  • The safe shipment of the ride
  • Import of the ride to all countries
  • Answering the queries of customers
  • Installation of paratrooper rides in amusement parks

Do Paratrooper Ride Manufacturers Accept Customization?

Yes, many familiar and trustworthy manufacturers in China accept the customization for paratrooper rides.

Sinorides is ranked at the top among those Chinese manufacturers that provide reasonable and high-quality customization of paratrooper rides.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to change the voltage frequency or embellish the paratrooper ride according to your park’s theme; these manufacturers will cover you up from every point.

Customized Paratrooper Ride

What is the Cooperation Process for Ordering Paratrooper Ride?

The cooperation process for ordering the paratrooper ride includes the following steps:

  • Selection of the correct type of manufacturer
  • Contact the selected manufacturer through email or number
  • Confirmation of the product you want for the amusement park
  • The demand for customization services for the embellishment of the ride
  • Signing the contract by both parties
  • Depositing the advance payment by the buyer
  • Inspection of the ride before shipping
  • Depositing remaining amount
  • Fulfill all tax formalities
  • The final shipment of the ride

Is There Any Discount on Buying a Paratrooper Ride?

Many well-known Chinese manufacturers offer after-sale services through discounts for paratrooper rides.

Moreover, the manufacturers also support a deduction in the estimated ride price if you’re a regular customer.

Plus, the recurrent customer’s installation and shipment services are available at very reasonable prices.

How to Install Paratrooper Ride?

The installation of the ride is carried out in the following steps:

  • Prepare the area of the amusement ride where you want to install a paratrooper ride
  • Look for the introductory survey to ensure the perfect performance of the ride
  • Call the inspectors to check the parts of the paratrooper ride
  • Hire a professional team of workers specialized in installing the ride
  • Instruct the workers to read the guidelines before initiating the installation
  • Video tutorials can also help you to install the ride in an appropriate way

Installation of Paratrooper Ride

Can Paratrooper Ride Manufacturer Help Design for My New Park?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers will significantly help you design the amusement park.

Many well-known Chinese manufacturers, including Sinorides, solve the distress of many amusement park owners by resolving their concerns.

Besides the design, their QC and helping team will help you choose your park’s best paratrooper ride model.

Who Will Construct the Foundation of the Paratrooper Ride?

The buyer is responsible for constructing the foundation of the paratrooper ride.

However, the basic foundation of this ride is based on the sketch a manufacturer provides.

But you can amend customizations in the provided foundation for the paratrooper ride.

The manufacturer will build the ride based on the foundation you’ll provide them.

Foundation of the Paratrooper Ride

Foundation of the Paratrooper Ride

How Do You Ensure the Quality of the Paratrooper Ride?

You can ensure the quality of the paratrooper ride in the following ways:

  • Inspect the ride for the presence of damaged parts
  • Repair all worn-out and inefficient parts of the ride
  • Lubricate the ride regularly
  • Clean the outer and inner parts to remove dust
  • Restrict the operating time of the paratrooper ride
  • Hire professional staff to control the ride
  • Check the professionalism of the operators you’re hiring

Quality of Paratrooper Ride

Can I Just Order One Paratrooper Ride?

You can order only one paratrooper ride from the manufacturer.

Chinese manufacturers give the buyer absolute freedom to choose only one complete bunch of paratrooper rides.

The services for a single or a bulk order remain the same.

What is the Manufacturer’s Shipping Way for Paratrooper Ride?

The most appropriate shipping way manufacturers use is by sea.

However, the manufacturer can ship the paratrooper ride through freight or air freight.

The buyer can also suggest a shipping method for transporting paratrooper rides.

Do Paratrooper Ride Manufacturers Accept OEM?

All the Chinese manufacturers support the buyers by accepting versatile OEM services such as branding logos or the ride’s customization according to the amusement park’s name.

This is why the amusement park owner can have the convenience of demanding the manufacturer to construct the ride according to his demands.

Paratrooper Ride Manufacturers Accept OEM

Paratrooper Ride Manufacturers Accept OEM

How Many Countries Do Chinese Paratrooper Ride Manufacturers Can Export To?

Chinese paratrooper ride manufacturers can export this ride to the following countries:

  • Japan
  • Asia
  • USA
  • UK
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • Switzerland
  • New Zealand

Are Chinese Paratrooper Ride Manufacturers IAAPA Rated?

Some Chinese paratrooper ride manufacturers, like Sinorides, are IAAPA-rated, an International Association of Amusement Parks and Attraction organization.

Chinese manufacturers have IAAPA approval primarily to ensure quality and safety standards while manufacturing the ride.

Does the Chinese Paratrooper Ride Manufacturer Provide Certification and Testing Reports for the Product?

Yes, Chinese manufacturers provide various certifications and testing reports for paratrooper rides.

Some of these certificates include:

  • CCC Certification to ensure the quality standards
  • ISO Certification to carry out regular inspections of paratrooper ride
  • CE Certification for ride quality production
  • GOST Certification for carrying out the import of paratrooper ride
  • BV Certification for making sure about the ride’s safety standards

What are the Different Parts of Paratrooper Ride Called?

The different parts of the paratrooper ride include:

  • Upper canopy
  • Rotating wheel
  • Flying seats
  • Platform
  • Rotating motor

What is the Material Used for the Paratrooper Ride Cabin?

The material used in the construction of the paratrooper ride is listed as under:

  • Stainless Steel

This material is used to construct the basic structure of the paratrooper ride.

The sturdiness and reliability of stainless steel enhance the durability of this ride.

  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic

FRP material is mainly used to make the seating area of the paratrooper ride’s cabin.

Besides the seating area, it’s also used to increase the embellishment of the ride.

  • Wood

The handling parts of the paratrooper ride’s cabin are manufactured with high-quality wood.

Paratrooper Ride Materials

Paratrooper Ride Materials

Does Paratrooper Ride Manufacturer Help the Buyer for VISA If They Want to Visit Their Factory?

Prominent Chinese paratrooper manufacturers help buyers get their visas to visit the manufacturing site.

Many paratrooper manufacturers, including Sinorides, provide the utmost aid to the buyers for fulfilling the VISA formalities.

Besides this, the only responsibility paratrooper ride manufacturers have to fulfill is to provide their authentic passports and visiting dates to the manufacturer before their visit.

Do Paratrooper Ride Manufacturers Have Agents or Offices in Different Countries?

Almost all Chinese paratrooper manufacturers, particularly Sinorides, have their agents and offices worldwide.

These replenishing manufacturers have offices all around the country, not only worldwide.

The efficient and professional agents in the offices of paratrooper ride manufacturers try their best to sort out the problems of incoming buyers.

What are the Different Factors Considered While Designing the Paratrooper Ride?

Some of the essential factors that need to be considered while designing the paratrooper ride include:

  • Make sure about the suitability of the installation area against natural disasters
  • The manufacturing and operation of paratrooper rides should be carried out under the supervision of well-known organizations such as IAAPA.
  • The quality of materials in the paratrooper ride’s construction is also considered.
  • The design of the paratrooper ride must be transport-friendly
  • Consider the safety of the riders while designing paratrooper ride

Paratrooper Ride Design

What Are the Advantages of Buying Paratrooper Ride from Chinese Manufacturers?

The significant benefits of buying paratrooper rides from Chinese manufacturers include the following:

  • The highest quality rides within an affordable range
  • Availability of after-sale services
  • One-year warranty on the paratrooper ride
  • Guidance for the installation of the ride
  • Support in the form of professional workers
  • Import of paratrooper ride to all countries
  • Speedy shipping of rides to amusement parks
  • Presence of safety and quality certifications

How to Repair Paratrooper Ride?

Hire professional and well-trained workers to repair the damaged paratrooper ride.

All these trained workers have the skills to figure out the problem in your ride within a few minutes.

But you can contact the manufacturer if you cannot find a reliable mechanic or professional work.

Chinese manufacturers are famous for supporting buyers by giving them the aid of the repair team.

However, the only thing you must remember while demanding the workers from manufacturers is that you have to pay the VISA fees of individuals coming your way.

Repair of Paratrooper Ride

How to Maintain Paratrooper Ride?

The paratrooper ride is maintained in the following ways:

  • Lubricate all the frictional parts of the ride after regular intervals
  • Hire professionals to inspect the paratrooper ride
  • Repair all the damaged parts to minimize accidents
  • Replace the worn-out and non-functional parts of the ride
  • Fix timing for operating the paratrooper ride
  • Hire experienced operators to control this thrill ride

How Fast Does Paratrooper Ride Go?

The paratrooper ride operates at a speed of six mph.

The operators in the control room mainly control the speed of the paratrooper ride.

The paratrooper ride’s speed can be adjusted according to the riders’ fear level and convenience.

How Are Paratrooper Rides Made?

Paratrooper rides are made in the following steps:

  • Selection of Appropriate Manufacturers

The first step in making a paratrooper ride is choosing the most active manufacturers to assist you with the premium quality of paratrooper rides.

  • Selection of the Materials

The second step in making a paratrooper ride is the selection of suitable quality materials.

Stainless steel and FRP materials are preferred to make the paratrooper ride.

  • Formation of Basic Structure

After selecting the top-quality materials, the mechanical engineers produce the basic structure of the ride.

This basic structure is entirely based on the rough sketch of the ride.

  • Assembling of Parts

All the remaining parts of the paratrooper ride are assembled to give a final look.

  • Final Testing

Professional inspectors carry out the final testing before shipping the paratrooper ride.

  • Packaging of the Ride

All the assembled parts of the paratrooper ride are packed in wooden boxes with plastic sheets all around their surfaces.

A label is also attached to each packed wooden box.

Manufacturing of Paratrooper Ride

What Are the Different Factors Considered While Buying the Paratrooper Ride?

Some of the factors worth considering while buying the paratrooper ride are as follows:

  • Keep your Budget in Mind

The first factor while buying a paratrooper ride is the current budget you can afford.

Make sure to buy the high-quality paratrooper ride that lies within your range.

  • Quality of Materials

The lifespan of a paratrooper ride is directly related to the type and quality of materials used in constructing the paratrooper ride.

I prefer the ride manufactured with high-frame stainless steel and FRP materials.

  • Safety of the Riders

Never compromise on the safety standards of the paratrooper ride.

Purchase the model that rightly stands on all the safety standards and certifications.

  • Easy Installation

Many paratrooper ride models come with hefty installation processes.

Thus, try to get your hands on the one that offers convenient operation and easy installation.

How To Find Reliable Paratrooper Ride Manufacturer In China?

Following are the helpful steps for finding reliable paratrooper ride manufacturers in China:

  • Start Your Research

No doubt there’s a never-ending list of paratrooper ride manufacturers in China.

Thus, start searching for the best option by exploring different websites.

  • Analyze the Working of Manufacturer

After jotting down some top-notch options of paratrooper ride manufacturers, analyze their work, including the shipping and import.

  • Contact the Selected Manufacturer

Reach out to the paratrooper ride constructing company by email or contact number.

  • Look for R&D Services

Check the availability of R&D services at the paratrooper ride manufacturing site.

The R&D services greatly help the buyers check the manufacturers’ professional work.

  • Check QC Team

The presence of the QC team at the paratrooper ride will enable you to clear all the confusion related to shipping and installment of the paratrooper ride.

Thus, make sure to go with the manufacturers that have the support of the QC team.

How To Find Reliable Paratrooper Ride Manufacturer

How To Check The Quality Of Paratrooper Ride?

You can check the quality of the paratrooper ride in the given ways:

  • Materials

Check the sturdiness and versatility of the materials used in constructing a paratrooper ride since this factor significantly impacts the ride’s quality.

  • Function and Performance

Take account of the proper working of the paratrooper ride by looking at the performance of all parts.

  • Safety

Check the availability of safety measures in paratrooper rides, such as seat belts and harness belts.

  • Inspect the Ride

Hire professional inspectors who can figure out any damaged part in the paratrooper ride to avoid poor working inconvenience.

Quality of Paratrooper Ride

How To Ensure The Safety Of Paratrooper Ride?

The safety of the paratrooper ride is ensured in the mentioned ways:

  • Look for the availability of safety belts in the ride
  • The harness belts and foot clips must be present in the paratrooper ride
  • The only prescribed age group of people should sit in the ride
  • Don’t allow the disabled persons to sit in the paratrooper ride
  • Hire professional and skilled operators to control the paratrooper ride

Safety of Paratrooper Ride

What Is The Quality Certifications For Paratrooper Ride?

The quality certifications of the paratrooper ride are listed below:

  • CCC Certification – China’s certification for the operation of paratrooper ride
  • BV Certification – for the trustworthy import services of paratrooper ride manufacturers
  • CE Certification – for ensuring the fulfillment of safety standards by the manufacturers
  • GOST Certification – for taking care of the import services of paratrooper ride manufacturers
  • ISO Certification – for the assurance of all quality standards during the construction of paratrooper ride

What Are The Safety Instructions for Riding Paratrooper Ride?

The safety instructions for riding the paratrooper ride include:

  • Allow the suggested age group to enjoy the ride
  • Done allow disabled and feared people to enter the riding arena
  • Check the working of the ride before its operation
  • Take account of the availability of harnesses and seat belts
  • Analyze the working of skilled operators of paratrooper ride

What are the other names For Paratrooper Ride?

The other common names of paratrooper rides are:

  • Parachute ride
  • Umbrella ride
  • Wave swinger

Who Can Ride The Paratrooper Ride?

Unlike all other thrill rides, the paratrooper ride allows all age groups to enjoy it.

Adults and middle-aged people are allowed to sit on this thrill ride.

However, the only group restricted to ride paratrooper rides is infants and small children.

Plus, pregnant women and people with height phobia are strictly prohibited on paratrooper rides.

How Much Space Does Paratrooper Ride Need For Working?

Paratrooper rides require a space of 15m by 15m for them to work.

However, the required area of a paratrooper ride varies according to the model and size.

The greater the size of the paratrooper ride, the greater the space needed for its working.

Space of Paratrooper Ride

What Is The Difference Between China Paratrooper Ride And European Paratrooper Ride?

The only difference between the Chinese and European paratrooper rides is in their prices.

European manufacturers were undoubtedly famous for the handy prices of paratrooper rides.

But with time, China has become the home of many significant paratrooper ride manufacturers that offer premium quality paratrooper rides at reasonable prices.

Furthermore, a slight difference between Chinese and European paratrooper rides comes in size and style.

What To Do When The Paratrooper Ride Breaks Down During Working?

When a paratrooper ride breaks down during work, the first thing to do is call a mechanic who can figure out the problem that caused the breakdown.

But if a skilled mechanic isn’t available, you can demand the manufacturers send workers to repair the damaged paratrooper ride.

Moreover, if you want to repair this ride on your own, follow the given steps:

  • Lubricate all the parts of the ride
  • Fix up the damaged parts
  • Tighten up all nuts and bolts of the paratrooper ride

Who Does The Inspection Of The Paratrooper Ride?

The in-house technicians and the professional inspectors at the paratrooper ride manufacturing site carry out the ride’s inspection.

The third-party inspection teams can also inspect paratrooper rides.

The primary purpose behind the proper inspection of paratrooper rides is to ensure the proper functioning and quality of the ride.

Inspection of Paratrooper Ride

Does Paratrooper Ride Manufacturer Charge For Training? How Much In Charge?

Some well-known paratrooper ride manufacturers, like Sinorides, offer reasonable training services.

They charge for these services according to the type you select.

The costs for training are easily approachable and affordable.

Most of the training courses by the paratrooper ride manufacturers cost about $100-$200 per person.

How To Know My Paratrooper Ride Needs Replacement?

The given circumstances will let you know that your paratrooper ride needs replacements:

  • The ride will start causing noise during the operation
  • Increased friction between the ride’s moving parts
  • Random breakdowns during the ride’s operation
  • Presence of worn-out and damaged parts

How To Reduce The Repair And Maintenance Cost For Paratrooper Ride?

The repair and maintenance cost of paratrooper ride can be decreased in the following ways:

  • Hire specialized workers to operate the ride
  • Clean the ride internally as well as externally
  • Analyze the working of the ride from time to time
  • Lubricate all the ride’s parts before the operation
  • Inspect the ride with skilled inspectors
  • Use paratrooper ride under controlled timings

Reduce The Repair And Maintenance Cost For Paratrooper Ride

Reduce The Repair And Maintenance Cost For Paratrooper Ride

What Factors Are Considered While Inspecting the Paratrooper Ride?

Given factors are considered while inspecting the paratrooper ride:

  • Analyze the proper working of the engine and motor for the flawless motion of the ride
  • Never forget to check the type and quality of materials
  • Test the professionalism of the workers operating the paratrooper ride
  • Look for the sturdiness and stability of the paratrooper ride
  • Ensure the proper lubrication of the ride’s harsh parts
  • Remove the dust from the ride’s inner parts
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