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As leading amusement rides manufacturer, Sinorides pendulum rides can increase your park revenues with ergonomics seats suitable to different heights and weights.

The 360 pendulum ride is an amusement ride that swings back and forth around a horizontal axis while the cockpit rotates around the center column.

360° Large Pendulum Rides for Sale
Sinorides provide 360° Large Pendulum Rides for Sale with 360° rotating movement and people's safety guaranteed.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 40kW
  • Height: 11m
  • Swing Angle: 360°
360° Small Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides 360° Small Pendulum Rides for sale Meet European Quality Standard with full certifications at affordable price.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 30kW
  • Height: 11m
  • Swing Angle: 360°
Sinorides 30 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides offer 30 Seats Pendulum Rides for Sale with complete technical support and spare parts for your business.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 30P
  • Power: 120kW
  • Height: 14.5m
  • Swing Angle: 110°
Sinorides 23 seats Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides supply 23 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale with stable performance and multi safet settings.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 23P
  • Power: 22kW
  • Height: 13.8m
  • Swing Angle: 40°
12 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides 12 Seats Pendulum Rides for Sale can be tailored for the color, seats and more for your need.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 21kW
  • Size:L6*W6m*H5.5m
  • Voltage:380V
Sinorides 6 seats pendulum rides for sale 3
Sinorides provide 6 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale with global installation and maintenance service.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 6P
  • Power: 12kW
  • Height: 4.2m
  • Area:6m*6m

Your Premier Pendulum Rides Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is a premier pendulum rides manufacturer and has exported pendulum rides to 169+ countries. Sinorides do the running test to guarantee no techncial problem before delivering to our customers.

Your customers will spend less time to wait for the stop and you will get more people to ride your pendulum rides as Sinorides increase the braking function to your pendulum rides transmission system.

Sinorides use famous brands electrical components to let your pendulum rides run more accurately. You can easily operate it by the help of display screen on the control cabinet. There are automatic and manual operation modes for the pendulum ride to save your time and improve working efficiency.

Besides pendulum rides, Sinorides provide you various amusement rides such as roller coaster, pirate ship ride and more.

  • Sinorides 360 small pendulum
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  • Sinorides pendulum rides seats details
  • Sinorides pendulum rides details
  • Sinorides pendulum rides customer case
  • Sinorides pendulum rides customer case 2

Pendulum Rides for Sale Project

Sinorides use famous brands electrical components to let your pendulum rides run more accurately. It will not work if there is any safety parts not adjust well. This could improve your park visitors’ safety to the most.

As pendulum ride is a large thrill rides, it needs more settings and test to ensure perfect performance, Sinorides can help you install and maintain your pendulum rides so you don’t need to worry about how to install it.  This will help you cut down a lot of time and cost on seeking technicans to do the installation work.

Besides installation, Sinorides will also send engineers to train your staff to operate your pendulum rides and other theme park rides.

Sinorides help you run a successful theme park through 28+ years amusement rides experience, you can contact us to discuss any things about park business.

Sinorides Pendulum Rides Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides Pendulum Rides Cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Sinorides Pendulum Rides Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Pendulum Rides appearance more smooth.
Sinorides Pendulum Rides Details
High grade material to ensure your Pendulum Rides running safely.
Sinorides Pendulum Rides Seats Details
Multi safety settings for Pendulum rides seats to ensure your park visitors’ safety.
Sinorides Pendulum Rides Structure details
Strong steel structure to bear different movement and people in various weight
Sinorides Pendulum Ride welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Pendulum rides steel structure.


TECHNICAL DATA360° Large Pendulum Rides360° Small Pendulum Rides30 Seats Pendulum Rides23 Seats Pendulum Rides12 Seats Pendulum Rides6 Seats Pendulum Rides
Number of Seats24P12P30P23P12P6P
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Sinorides 360 Pendulum Rides Design

Sinorides Pendulum Rides Design image

Sinorides Pendulum Rides Design

12 seats pendulum rides drawing

mini pendulum rides drawing

pendulum rides techncial drawing

Please contact our support team to get the complete technical drawings for Pendulum Rides

From 6 seats to 30 seats or even more seats, Sinorides can provide you a wide range of pendulum rides for sale. You will find our amusement pendulum rides highly safe.

There is an emergency button to stop the pendulum ride from running for the emergency case. Besides this, you will also find chicken leg shoulder, automatic braking, double safety pressure bar, waist-blocking crotch, and more. Sinorides will also assist you with installation if required.

This kind of amusement equipment follows the operating principle of a large pendulum so that a small place can also have the experience of a large playground. Sinorides exports its premium quality amusement pendulum rides to over 120 countries.

We are pleased to announce that more than 2396 theme and amusement parks are our happy customers. Whatever the size of your amusement park is, we have a ride for you. While our mini pendulum ride accommodates small spaces, the large pendulum ride is ideal for a big size amusement park.

Sinorides pendulum rides are manufactured meeting the EN13814 and other quality standards. You can contact our support team to check the CE, ISO, and more certifications.

Sinorides is Reliable Pendulum Rides Manufacturer

Sinorides Quality Pendulum Rides for sale

Sinorides can be trusted when you are seeking pendulum rides for your theme park and attractions business. Sinorides is a professional pendulum rides manufacturer with IAAPA membership.

The pendulum rides in the amusement rides industry are generally at a constant speed and the experience is not good, Sinorides redesign and manufacture your pendulum rides to achieve European quality standards and stimulating experiences.

You can easily operate the pendulum rides with the optimized electrical cabinet. It is convenient to maintain your pendulum rides as we set the fixed maintenance ladder and platform. Sinorides will also help to train your staff to maintain and operate your pendulum rides.

Your pendulum rides could start and stop precisely with the intelligent control system.

Sinorides does not compromise on quality and safety. Whether you are buying a mini pendulum ride or a 360-pendulum ride, you will find premium quality material and accessories. To maintain the longevity and sturdiness of park rides pendulums, we utilize galvanized stainless steel only.

In addition to this, we use FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic) material for seats and cabins. You will find handcrafted fiberglass pieces in our rides. Moreover, instead of regular paint, we use car paint on cabins to make them eye-appealing, rustproof, and non-fading.

We manufacture all our amusement pendulum rides in a state-of-the-art workshop. Our 50000 sqm. workshop is equipped with cutting-edge machines that give a professional appearance and 100% accuracy to amusement rides. We utilize laser cutters to cut metal without flaws.

Sinorides is not a new name in the amusement rides manufacturing industry. For almost three decades, we have been successfully running the pendulum rides project. You will get high-quality components whether it is an air cylinder, flange, air compressor, or slewing bearing. 

You also get a warranty on our amusement pendulum rides. In the event of a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the item at no cost. Sinorides provides a one-year guarantee on mechanical parts and a six-month guarantee for electrical components. 

Get the price for your pendulum rides from Sinorides now!

Pendulum Rides – The Complete FAQ Guide

Are you looking for a single spot to get all the answers before ordering a pendulum ride for your amusement park?

If YES, you are in the right place.

We have covered all the frequently asked questions by amusement park owners looking to install a pendulum ride or import one from china.

Let’s get started with this “Pendulum Rides – The Complete FAQ Guide” and answer all of your questions.

What is the Pendulum Ride?


What is Pendulum Ride

What is Pendulum Ride

Pendulum Rides are among the most loved rides at amusement parks like any Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel.
A Pendulum ride is based on the motion of a fixed pendulum.
The configuration of the ride consist of three parts:
1) Gondola
2) Arm
3) Axle

The arm works as an attachment between the passenger-carrying gondola and the axle.
Pendulum rides use one of the two methods to perform the motion:
1) Series of DC motors driving the axle
2) Wheels at the base of the station pushing the gondola as it swings by

How Does The Pendulum Rides Work?

Basically, Pendulum rides work like a pendulum on the clock, which moves back and forth.

However, with time, pendulum rides have evolved a lot and now use different techniques to work.

Generally, a Pendulum ride consists of an arm attached to a fixed point (axle) at its top, hanging downwards, while the base of an arm has cars or gondolas attached to it.

A series of DC motors attached to axle or wheels placed below the gondolas on the ground gives driving force to the gondolas to swing.

In some designs, the arm of the pendulum swing extends beyond the axle, having gondolas at the bottom end, and counterweight at the top. The counterweight helps the gondolas to swing.

Additionally, some latest Pendulum rides also feature a revolving gondola, and even gondolas make a complete 360-degree swing.

What are the Different Types of Pendulum Rides?

Although Pendulum Rides are found in different size and designs, here are the popular ones:
360 degree Small Pendulum Ride

Figure 2 360 degree Small Pendulum Ride

360 degree Small Pendulum Ride

360-degree Large Pendulum Ride

360° Large Pendulum Rides

360-degree Large Pendulum Ride
30 Seat Pendulum Ride

Figure 4 30 Seat Pendulum Ride

30 Seat Pendulum Ride
23 Seat Pendulum Ride

Figure 5 23 Seat Pendulum Ride

23 Seat Pendulum Ride
12 Seat Pendulum Ride

Figure 6 12 Seat Pendulum Ride

12 Seat Pendulum Ride
6 Seat Pendulum Ride

Figure 7 6 Seat Pendulum Ride

6 Seat Pendulum Ride
• Mini Pendulum Ride

Figure 8 Mini Pendulum Ride

Mini Pendulum Ride
• Giant Pendulum Carnival Rides

Figure 9 Giant Pendulum Carnival Rides

Giant Pendulum Carnival Rides
• Spinning Pendulum Amusement Park Ride

Figure 10 Spinning Pendulum Amusement Park Ride

Spinning Pendulum Amusement Park Ride
• Swing Pendulum Fairground Rides

Swing Pendulum Fairground Rides

Swing Pendulum Fairground Rides
• Giant Frisbee Pendulum Rides

Giant Frisbee Pendulum Rides

Giant Frisbee Pendulum Rides
• Pirate Ship Pendulum Ride

Pirate Ship Pendulum Ride

Pirate Ship Pendulum Ride

What are the Different Types of Mechanical Components Used in Pendulum Rides?

The Mechanical Components may differ according to the design and specifications of the Pendulum Ride. Here are some of the common ones:
1. Air Cylinder:

Air Cylinder of Pendulum Ride

Air Cylinder of Pendulum Ride

This component is used in the driving mechanism for generating linear reciprocating motion, swinging and rotating motion by converting the compressed air pressure energy into mechanical energy.

2. Chicken Leg Shoulder:

Chicken Leg Shoulder of Pendulum Ride

Chicken Leg Shoulder of Pendulum Ride

This component is used for passenger safety to prevent them from falling during intense swinging. It is made out of higher strength steel for better durability.

3. Flange:

Flange of Pendulum Ride

Flange of Pendulum Ride

It acts as a connector between different parts of the Pendulum Ride.

4. Air Compressor:

Air Compressor of Pendulum Ride

Air Compressor of Pendulum Ride

It is a multi-purpose mechanical component, commonly used to extend and retract the Pendulum ride’s Platform and open the chicken leg shoulder.

5. Brake Motor:

Brake Motor of Pendulum Ride

Brake Motor of Pendulum Ride

It is used for the Automatic Braking system in the Pendulum Ride. It also ensures fast braking, accurate positioning, safety, and reliability of the Pendulum Ride.

6. Slewing Bearing:

Slewing Bearing of Pendulum Ride

Slewing Bearing of Pendulum Ride

It is a large bearing used to fix the central axis and main column for the pendulum rides by withstanding the large axial and radial loads.

7. Threaded Hole:

Threaded Hole of Pendulum Ride

Threaded Hole of Pendulum Ride

This mechanical component is used for connecting and installing various components of the Pendulum Ride.

8. Deep Groove Ball Bearing:

Deep Groove Ball Bearing of Pendulum Ride

Deep Groove Ball Bearing of Pendulum Ride

These rolling bearing are simple and commonly used for bearing radial load.

9. Planetary Reducer:

Planetary Reducer of Pendulum Ride

Planetary Reducer of Pendulum Ride

This mechanical component helps in driving the column to rotate, as well as decelerate the Pendulum Ride by reducing the speed of the motor while increasing the output torque.

10. Bearing Roller:

Bearing Roller of Pendulum Ride

Bearing Roller of Pendulum Ride

It is used to limit the platform of pendulum rides to the designated position. These bearing rollers can bear heavier loads and impact loads and can roll directly on the raceway.

11. Torsion Limited Coupling:

Torsion Limited Coupling for Pendulum Ride

Torsion Limited Coupling for Pendulum Ride

This mechanical component helps to drive the column to rotate and transmit power.

This component connects the driving shaft and driven shaft in different mechanisms to enable them to rotate together and transmit motion and torque.

The Torsion Limited Coupling is also used to reduce the deviation between the driving shaft and driven shaft due to manufacturing and installation inaccuracies.

What are the Different Types of Electrical Components Used in Pendulum Rides?

Electrical Components are one of the crucial parts of the Pendulum Ride.
They can vary with the ride’s design, size, and features.
Here are some of the common electrical parts used:
1. Distribution Cabinet:

Electric Distribution Cabinet of Pendulum Ride

Electric Distribution Cabinet of Pendulum Ride
These electrical components control all the electrical operations of the Pendulum Ride.

2. Electric Bell:

Electric Bell of Pendulum Ride

Electric Bell of Pendulum Ride
This acoustic device produces the sound to indicate to passengers and the crew that the ride is about to start.

3. Indicator lights:

 Indicator lights of Pendulum Ride

Indicator lights of Pendulum Ride
These lights are usually used in the electric control panels to show the status of each circuit.

4. Rotary switch:

Rotary switch of Pendulum Ride

Rotary switch of Pendulum Ride

These switches are used to switch on and off different operations of the Pendulum ride.

5. Emergency Stop Switch:

Emergency Stop Switch of Pendulum Ride

Emergency Stop Switch of Pendulum Ride
It is used as a Pendulum ride’s safety feature to stop the ride in case of an emergency.

6. Ammeter:

Ammeter of Pendulum Ride

Ammeter of Pendulum Ride
This electrical component is used to measure the current in the AC and DC circuits.

7. Voltmeter:

Voltmeter of Pendulum Ride

Voltmeter of Pendulum Ride
This instrument is used to measure the voltage.

8. Current Transformer:

Current Transformer of Pendulum Ride

Current Transformer of Pendulum Ride

This electrical component is used for current transformation and electrical isolation.

It uses the electromagnetic induction principle to converts a large current on the primary side into a small current on the secondary side.

9. Intermediate Relays:

Intermediate Relays of Pendulum Ride

Intermediate Relays of Pendulum Ride

This component is used to switch the voltage for the pendulum rides.
They are also used to transmit signals and control multiple circuits at the same time.

10. PLC:

Programmable Logic Controller of Pendulum Ride

(PLC) Programmable Logic Controller of Pendulum Ride

They are also known as Programmable Logic Controller is an electric device used for automated controlling of all kinds of mechanical and electrical systems.
It can receive and send multiple types of electronic signals.

11. Switching Power Supply:

Switching Power Supply of Pendulum Ride

Switching Power Supply of Pendulum Ride
This electronic component is used in automation control to converts the input voltage into the desired voltage, as required by the user.

12. Frequency Converter:

Frequency Converter of Pendulum Ride

Frequency Converter of Pendulum Ride

It is a power control device which controls the AC motor.

It changes the motor’s frequency of working power supply and provides the required power supply voltage the motor actually needs.

This process also helps in achieving the purpose of energy-saving and speed regulation.

13. AC Contactor:

Figure 37 AC Contactor of Pendulum Ride

AC Contactor of Pendulum Ride

This electrical component uses electromagnetic force and spring forces principals to eliminate the arc generated by the static and moving contacts during opening and closing.

14. Molded Case Circuit Breaker:

Figure 38 Molded Case Circuit Breaker of Pendulum Ride

Molded Case Circuit Breaker of Pendulum Ride

It is a safety electronic component that can automatically remove the current if the current exceeds the trip setting.

15. Terminal Block:

Figure 39 Terminal Block of Pendulum Ride

Terminal Block of Pendulum Ride

This insulating component plays the role of signal transmission by connecting the lines of the equipment inside and the equipment outside the screen.

This component has multiple or multiple sets of mutually insulated terminal assemblies to perform its operation.

16. Communication Connector:

Figure 40 Communication Connector of Pendulum Ride

Communication Connector of Pendulum Ride

It is a type of connector which is used to connect two active devices and transmit signals or current.

17. Resistance:

Figure 41 Resistance Component for Pendulum Ride

Resistance Component for Pendulum Ride

It is a component used in the Pendulum ride to impede current through voltage division and shunt in the circuit.

What Material is Used to Make the Mechanical Structure of the Pendulum Ride?

Figure 42 Steel Plates for Pendulum ride's mechanical structure

Steel Plates for Pendulum ride’s mechanical structure

Steel Plates, manufactured using molten steel, which is pressed into plates after cooling, are used to make the Pendulum ride’s mechanical structure.

What Material is Used to Make an Orbital Platform for the Pendulum Ride?

Figure 43 Channel Steel for the Pendulum ride's orbital platform

Channel Steel for the Pendulum ride’s orbital platform

Channel steel, a long steel bar with a cross-section, is usually used to make the Pendulum ride’s orbital platform.

What Material is Used to Make a Platform for the Pendulum Ride?

Figure 44 Square tubes for Pendulum ride's platform

Square tubes for Pendulum ride’s platform

Steel, which is unpacked, flattened, curled, welded to form a round tube, and then further rolled to create “square tubes,” are used in making of Pendulum ride’s platform.

What Material is Used to Make Metal Components of the Pendulum Ride?

Figure 45 Angle steel strips for Pendulum Ride's metal components

Angle steel strips for Pendulum Ride’s metal components

Angle steel strips are mainly used to make the Pendulum Ride’s metal components due to their excellent weldability, mechanical strength, and plastic deformation performance.

What Material is Used to Make the Axis of the Mechanical Structure of the Pendulum Ride?

Figure 46 Round Steel bars for the axis of the Pendulum Ride's mechanical structure

Round Steel bars for the axis of the Pendulum Ride’s mechanical structure

Round Steel bars with a circular cross-section are used to make the axis of the Pendulum Ride’s mechanical structure.

What Material is Used to Make Mechanical Parts and Engineering Structures of the Pendulum Ride?

Figure 47 Rectangular steel bars for Pendulum Ride’s engineering structures and mechanical parts

Rectangular steel bars for Pendulum Ride’s engineering structures and mechanical parts

Hollow long steel in the form of “Rectangular steel bars” is widely used to make engineering structures and mechanical parts of the Pendulum Ride as it is lightweight, strong, and long-lasting.

What Material is Used for the Column Tube and the Motor Cover of the Pendulum Ride?

Figure 48 Round tubes for Pendulum Ride’s Column tube and Motor cover

Round tubes for Pendulum Ride’s Column tube and Motor cover

The column tube and Motor cover are made from “Round tubes” made out of steel. The round tubes are hollow and open at both ends.

How the Pendulum Ride’s Platform is Made Non-Slip?

Figure 49 Aluminum Steel Plates with Pattern for Pendulum Ride's Non-Slip Platform

Aluminum Steel Plates with Pattern for Pendulum Ride’s Non-Slip Platform

To make the platform of the Pendulum ride slip-resistant, five concave and convex parallel patterns at an angle of 60-80 degrees are created on the aluminum plates which are placed on the platform.

How Much Does a Pendulum Ride Cost?

The cost of the Pendulum ride depends on the following factors:
• Material: The quality and quantity of the material used to make the Pendulum ride significantly impact the ride’s cost.
High-quality material sourced from well-reputed brands is usually expensive.
• Type: Pendulum rides are available in various types, having different sizes, features, and seating capacity.
For example, a bigger pendulum ride with more seating capacity will cost more than a smaller pendulum ride with fewer seats.
• Design: Pendulum rides and others in an amusement park are usually decorated with appealing paints, attractive lights, and fancy designs to attract more people, which adds an extra cost to the ride.
• Manufacturer: The cost of the ride also varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.
European and American manufacturers are usually expensive than Chinese ones.

However, lower-cost absolutely doesn’t mean that Chinese manufacturers offer inferior quality products. It is all due to lower taxes, cheaper labor, cost-saving strategies, and low-profit margins.

How to Install Pendulum Rides?

Are you wondering how to install the pendulum rides?

Here we list the main procedure of pendulum rides installation.

Basic inspection and installation preparation for pendulum rides

  • Before installation, you should provide the necessary installation conditions, the construction and basic engineering of the equipment must be completed, and the relevant departments must pass the acceptance.
  • The foundation bearing capacity of the equipment installation site is greater than 180kPa, and it is required to be flat, uniform and compact; the concrete number of the equipment installation concrete floor is not less than C30, and the concrete thickness of the concrete floor is greater than 150mm.
  • Connect the four column legs of the equipment to the embedded board of the foundation respectively, and then use the method of on-site welding to fix the equipment on the foundation.
  • The ground electrode should be preset for open-air installation, the floor surface must be well drained, and the pre-embedded line pipe must be reasonable.
  • Reserve unobstructed transportation roads, and the installation site has a sufficiently large and relatively flat site for the parking of large cranes and the placement of parts of the equipment.
  • Before installation, the steel structural components to be installed should be placed in a dry, ventilated, and non-corrosive place.
  • Carry out safety isolation and warning notice on the installation site.
  • Prepare 1 25T crane, 1 16T crane, and 2 5T forklifts.

Pendulum Rides Mechanical Installation

  • Check the basic dimensions of the equipment installation.
  • Check the components and auxiliary materials in the order of installation to facilitate installation.
  • The suspension cross arm and the drive upper frame assembly and slewing support assembly are locked and connected with M20*190 hexagon bolts (8.8 grade).
  • The car crane hoist the combination of the cantilever cross arm and the drive frame, and the other car crane hoists the support column, and installs the four columns in sequence from top to bottom.
  • The car hoist lifts the cockpit turntable mounting seat and connects with the cantilever vertical arm flange with high-strength bolts.

Pendulum Rides Electrical Installation 

  • Pendulum Rides must be installed by a qualified electrician.
  • The Pendulum Rides adopts three-phase five-wire power supply.
  • The grounding form of the power distribution system adopts the TN-S system.
  • When installing, ensure reliable grounding, and the protective grounding resistance is ≤10Ω.
  • Safety helmets, safety belts, protective glasses, sand for fire extinguishing, bandages and other special safety protection tools are in place.
  • Prepare common tools for maintenance.
  • Prepare testing equipment, such as: multimeter, clamp meter, resistance meter.
  • Review the bolt fastening connections of key parts of the equipment, such as: column and cantilever connecting bolts, column and foundation connecting bolts, cockpit fastening bolts, etc.
  • Check the rotation of the cockpit, check the mechanical operation parts of the equipment, and check whether the installation is correct.
  • The equipment site must be clean and free of items and facilities that affect the commissioning test.

Pendulum Rides Debugging

  • During the trial run, closely observe the movement of the mechanical parts in operation at any time, mainly to see whether the relative moving parts have interference, jams, abnormal wear, abnormal vibration, abnormal noise, loose parts, etc.
  • Stop immediately after an abnormal situation, and the equipment can continue to run after the fault has been completely dealt with.
  • After the commissioning is qualified, perform full load and partial load tests. The test steps are as follows: first no-load 5 times, partial load 5 times, and the area runs at full load for at least 80 times without failure, and relevant records are made.
  • If there is a failure during operation, it should be analyzed and researched immediately, and a solution should be found to deal with it in time. After processing, continue to debug.

For installation of the Pendulum Ride, it is highly recommended to hire engineers and other experts provided by the manufacturer, as they are highly trained in their field.

Manufacturers also provide a complete installation guide, along with images and tutorial videos.

However, the Clients are responsible for all costs related to installation engineers, including Visa, round-trip flight tickets, accommodation, Carfare, and a wage of US$100/day/person).

Moreover, they are also required to appoint a Chinese translator with engineers.

Does the Pendulum Ride Manufacturer Provide a Warranty or Guarantee of the Product?

Yes, quality manufacturers like Sinorides provide a one-year warranty for their product, only for the inartificial faults.

All parts under warranty will be provided for free (excluding shipping cost).

However, this warranty is only valid if Sinoride’s engineers did the product’s installation.

No warranty is provided if Sinoride doesn’t do the installing, and the client shall bear all the expanses for the faulty product replacement.

What to do when the Pendulum Ride Breaks Down During Operation?

Follow the steps below if Pendulum ride breaks doing while working:
1. Press the emergency stop button and cut down the power supply to stop the Pendulum ride’s operation.
2. Unload and transfer the passengers to a safe place.
3. Check the operator’s operation process.
4. Look for any abnormalities in operation or any equipment.
5. Troubleshoot the equipment and contact the supplier.

Does the Voltage and Hertz of the Pendulum Ride can be Customized?

Yes, well-reputed Pendulum ride manufacturers like Sinoride allow customization of the Voltage and Hertz according to the client’s country standards.

Who Does the Inspection of the Pendulum Ride?

The client can hire engineers from the manufacturer or third party for inspection of the pendulum ride.

Do Pendulum Ride Manufacturers Charge for Training? How Much in Charge?

Yes, Pendulum ride manufacturers like Sinorides houses a well-experienced and trained team of experts who can install the ride and train your staff for operation and maintenance of the Pendulum Ride.

For which clients are required to fulfill the following requirements for each engineer provided by the manufacturer:
• Round trip air tickets
• Accommodation
• Pick up and drop off.
• Food
• Salary: USD100/day

What are the Advantages of Buying Pendulum Rides from a Chinese Manufacturer?

Buying Pendulum Ride from a Chinese manufacturer over others have a multitude of advantages, including:
• Well-reputed Chinese manufacturers like Sinoride have 30+ years of experience in manufacturing amusement park rides.
• They have their factory, production workshop, painting room, product research department, etc.
• Chinese manufacturers have a team of experts who can help their clients in budgeting, design, manufacturing, installation, and training of the amusement park, rides, and crew.
• A dedicated professional technical department is also available to help customize the product according to the client’s need.
• Chinese manufacturers have exported their products all around the world in 80+ countries.
• Products are provided with one year warranty and after-sales services.
• The manufacturers have all the required quality and safety certificates, including IAAPA, CE, ISO90001, UDEM certification, etc.
• Manufacturers in china, like Sinoride, uses the latest machinery, quality material, and expert labor to manufacture a high-quality product at a comparatively much lower price.

What are the Characteristics of 360° Small Pendulum Rides?

Figure 50 360° Small Pendulum Rides

360° Small Pendulum Rides

360° Small Pendulum Rides are a perfect addition to small amusement parks, as they only require an area of 10m x 14m and a height of 11 meters for operation.

It has a driving power of 30kW and requires 380V voltage to operate.

With a seating capacity for 12 people, 360° Small Pendulum Rides can rotate 360° from horizon to vertical angle, giving an unmatchable thrilling experience to the riders.

This ride is equipped with all the necessary safety features, including a shoulder harness, double safety pressure bar, and waist-blocking crotch.

Clients can customize this ride according to their requirements and add features like LED lights, revolving Gondolas, additional safety features, etc.

What are the Characteristics of 360° Large Pendulum Rides?

360° Large Pendulum Rides

360° Large Pendulum Rides

360° Large Pendulum Rides are almost similar to 360° Small Pendulum Rides but with more seating capacity up to 23 persons and require a larger area of 14m x 18m and a height of 19.6 meters to operate.

This ride has a driving power of 82kW and requires 380V voltage to operate.

With large in size, 360° Large Pendulum Rides give a more entertaining and thrilling experience to the riders.

Similar to other 360° Pendulum Rides, this ride can also rotate 360° from horizon to vertical angle and is loaded with all the required safety gears, including a double safety pressure bar, shoulder harness, and waist-blocking crotch.

360° Large Pendulum Rides are ideal for small to medium-sized amusement parks and will definitely attract more visitors. They will eventually increase your park’s revenue.

For more appeal and thrilling experience, park owners can also add LED lights, revolving Gondolas, and customized paints to this amusement park ride.

What are the Characteristics of 30 Seat Pendulum Rides?

Figure 52 30 Seat Pendulum Rides

30 Seat Pendulum Rides

30 Seat Pendulum Rides are usually recommended for large theme parks.

They must be bought from certified and well-reputed Pendulum Ride Manufacturers like Sinorides, as poor quality design and material may prove fetal for its passengers.

As its name states, this ride has a seating capacity of 30 persons and requires an area of 24m x 18m and a height of 20.5 meters for operation.

Its large size, vibrant colors, and LED lights can make it a landmark for your theme park and can attract thousands of riders.

30 Seat Pendulum Rides are loaded with an 82kW driving engine and require 380V of voltage to operate.

However, their voltage requirement can be customized according to the clients’ needs and country standards.

Unlike 360° Pendulum Rides, this ride can’t rotate at 360 degrees.

Instead, it works more like a clock’s pendulum having a motor on the top and revolving Gondolas.

Competent Pendulum ride manufacturers like Sinorides offer their customers multiple options for customization like different designs of Gondolas, musical instruments, LED lights, OEM, paints, etc.

What are the Characteristics of 23 Seat Pendulum Rides?

Figure 53 23 Seat Pendulum Rides

23 Seat Pendulum Rides

23 Seat Pendulum Rides are ideal for a small to medium size amusement park or theme park.

They have a height of 13.6 meters and require an area of 19.6m x 13.7m for operation.

With a seating capacity of 23 passengers, this pendulum ride guarantees an unforgettable thrilling experience to the riders.

Manufactured from super thicker steel and fiber reinforce plastic (FRP), 23 Seat Pendulum Ride is totally safe.

Additional safety features are also included for added safety, like automatic restraint belts, shoulder harness, and double safety pressure bar.

This entertainment machine requires 380V voltage to operate. It uses upper transmission, where a driving motor is located at the top of the ride, having a driving power of 96kW.

Moreover, it also features a revolving gondola to enhance the thrilling experience further.

What are the Characteristics of 12 Seat Pendulum Rides?

Figure 54 12 Seat Pendulum Rides

12 Seat Pendulum Rides

12 seat Pendulum ride can be a perfect addition to your small amusement park, funfair, theme park, or outdoor playground.

They have a height of 5.5 meters and can easily be installed in an area of 8m x 8m.

This ride is constructed from reliable material like super thick steel and Fiber Reinforce Plastic and is designed to give a brilliant performance every time.

12 seat Pendulum ride has a seating capacity of 12 persons. It has a swinging angle of 180 degrees and is driven from the upper transmission, a motor located on the top of the ride, having the driving power of 21 kW.

This Pendulum ride is equipped with revolving gondolas, music equipment, and LED lights to further enhance the fun and thrilling experience.

Additional customization can also be made according to the client’s demand.

What are the Characteristics of 6 Seat Pendulum Rides?

Figure 55 6 Seat Pendulum Rides

6 Seat Pendulum Rides

6 seat pendulum ride is most loved by youth, families as well as lovers.

Its small size makes it cute, safe, and rideable for fainthearted people.

It has a height of 4.2 meters and requires an area of 6m x 6m for operation.

With a seating capacity for six persons, the 6 seat pendulum ride is perfect for small amusement parks, theme parks, funfairs, and outdoor playgrounds.

They work similar to the clock’s pendulum, moving back and forth using air cylinders. Additionally, gondolas can also be revolved at 360 degrees to make the ride more interesting and fun.

The driving mechanism required to run this pendulum ride has a driving power of 12 kW, and the ride overall requires 380V voltage to operate.

The 6 seat pendulum ride manufacturers like sinorides offer complete customization of this ride, where clients can add sound equipment, safety features, paint, LED lights according to their needs and budget.

Are Pendulum Rides Safe for Passengers?

Pendulum rides are indeed extremely thrilling rides.

However, they are manufactured after thorough research, quality checks, and hours of testing, making them considerably safe for the passengers.

The procedures which make the pendulum ride safe includes:
• Approving the Pendulum ride for the series of certifications including IAAPA rating, QC, ISO9001, BV, CE, SONCAP, etc.
• It is ensured that well-reputed and authorized manufacturers like Sinorides manufacture the Pendulum rides.
They ensure that the ride is designed after a lot of research, with quality material and well-trained and experienced engineers.
• Materials and equipment are bought from well-reputed suppliers.
• After the manufacturing, the ride is tested for several hours to ensure everything equipment is working perfectly.
• Safety equipment like emergency stop switches, shoulder harness, seatbelts, emergency breaks, and double safety pressure bar are also added.
• Pendulum ride’s operation staff are well-trained to operate the ride, as well as troubleshoot in case of emergency.

What Causes the Feeling of Weightlessness on Pendulum Rides?

Amusement rides, which involve a change in elevation during the ride, give the riders a feeling of weightlessness when they reach the highest point.

It is due to the involvement of the gravitational force and centripetal force.

The force of gravity is higher than the centripetal force when the pendulum ride reaches the bottom point of the rotation, making the passengers feel heavier.

It is actually the force the seat exerts on the passengers.

On the other hand, at the highest point, the seat’s movement exerts a centripetal force which is greater than the gravitational forces, giving the feeling of weightlessness to the rider.

When Chinese Pendulum Rides Manufacturer Deliver the Product After the Order is Placed?

Order shipped via ship usually takes 30 to 45 days to deliver.

Does the Chinese Pendulum Rides Manufacturer Accept Customization?

Yes, well-reputed Chinese pendulum ride manufacturers like Sinorides offer complete liberty to their clients to customize their rides according to their budget and needs.

Sinorides customize Pendulum Rides for sale

Sinorides customize Pendulum Rides for sale

What is the Cooperation Process of the Pendulum Rides Manufacturer?

The cooperation process usually involves:
1. Confirmation details of the order to the manufacturer
2. Advance Payment of 30% deposit by the buyer
3. production arrangement
4. paying the balance amount by the buyer
5. Handling shipment of the product

Does the Chinese Pendulum Rides Manufacturer Offer a Discount?

Yes, the Chinese manufacturer usually offer discounts on big amounts or quantity of the product.

Does the Chinese Pendulum Rides Manufacturer Provide After-Sales Services?

Yes, quality manufacturers like Sinorides offer after-sales services, where a 1-year replacement warranty is provided on mechanical products and six months warranty for electrical components.

Sinorides pendulum rides After-Sales Service

Sinorides pendulum rides After-Sales Service

Does the Chinese Pendulum Rides Manufacturer Help Design a New Theme Park?

Yes, Well-reputed Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides have a complete team of experts who can help you design your theme-park and amusement ride.

Clients can also provide a drawing of the park or ride according to their needs.

How is the Packaging of the Pendulum Ride?

There are three packaging levels for Pendulum rides by the manufacturer, which the client can choose according to their budget.

These levels are:
• Standard Packaging: Non-woven fabric and stretch film and a strong bubble wrapping plastic sheet are used to pack different components of the ride.
• High-Rank Packaging: composite material Multi-layer plywood box packaging is used to pack the Pendulum ride’s components.
• Customized Packaging: It is done according to the client’s requirements. It is ideal for long-distance delivery.

How to Choose the Best Pendulum Rides Manufacturer in China?

No doubt, Chinese Pendulum ride manufacturers are one of the best in the world.

However, there are some points you need to consider while choosing the manufacturer in China:

• The material is one of the significant factors which impacts the overall cost of the Pendulum ride.
You may find manufacturers quoting your relatively lower price as they may be using inferior quality material.
Therefore, you must make sure that you pay for the best quality material like Steel and Fiber-reinforced plastic.

• Manufacturers who have a fully-working Research and Development department should be preferred as they are regularly updating their products with the reliable and best quality material and equipment.

• Manufacturers who have a dedicated team of professionals for Quality Check (QC) should be entertained as they monitor all the crucial aspects of production, from designing to manufacturing.
Moreover, they also ensure that the product manufactured is up to the mark and follows all the quality and safety standards.
The QC team also has adequate knowledge about the amusement rides, amusement industry, and consumer expectations.

• Pendulum ride manufacturing companies that provide a one-stop solution to their clients are most reliable.

It is that the company can customize the product according to your need and budget.

The one-step solution includes competitive pricing, Centralized technical support, the possibility of discounts for bulk purchases, consistency in quality, and the ability to reduce incompatibility issues.

• Manufacturing companies must conform to various industry safety and quality standards, including IAAPA, ISO, and SGS.

• Companies with 10+ years of experience should be preferred as new companies may not have a skilled or experienced team, as well as all the testing equipment, expertise, and knowledge.

• Pendulum Rides or even other amusement rides that are “economical” should be preferred.
It is that the machine with a reduced operational cost like uses less energy, requires less water, requires less manpower, prevents leakages, produces less waste, auto lubricates itself, etc. are more profitable to the owner and have higher chances of remaining in the competitive industry.

• Before buying the Pendulum Ride, the buyer must read all the terms and conditions as well as the warranty disclaimer. One must stay away from manufacturers with unclear Terms and Conditions, as this contract is legally binding and must be taken seriously.

• It is better to choose Pendulum Ride Manufacturers who offer secure reasonable payment terms/procedure. Besides, they can also handle all logistics and provide a better, flexible, and reliable shipping process such as FCL.

How to Control and Cut Your Pendulum Ride Costs?

To cut the cost of Pendulum Ride, it is important to choose the best manufacturer.

European Pendulum ride manufacturers are costlier than the rest of the world.

It is recommended to buy from Chinese manufacturer as they have the most competitive prices.

Furthermore, manufacturers with years of experience as well as skilled and well-experienced engineers can further reduce the ride’s cost as they are trained enough to provide you the best solution to make the most economical amusement park and ride for you.

cut down the cost of pendulum rides

cut down the cost of pendulum rides

Pendulum Ride’s Price Frequently Changes, How to Avoid this?

To avoid the frequent variation of the prices of the Pendulum ride, it is suggested to take a quote from multiple manufacturers and lock in the price and order with the one you found most feasible.

How to Avoid Damaged Pendulum ride’s Equipment During Shipping?

Figure 56 Packaging and Loading of the Pendulum Ride's Components

Packaging and Loading of the Pendulum Ride’s Components

To prevent damaged pendulum ride’s equipment during shipping, it is suggested to follow the tips below:

• Use high-quality packaging to pack each and every component of the Pendulum ride.

• Pendulum ride’s equipment should be reinforced in the container.

However, the container must not be overloaded.

• You must use well-trained labor and lifting equipment to load and unload the Pendulum ride’s components.

What kind of Payment Terms does Pendulum Rides Manufacturer Accept?

Payment terms accepted by Pendulum ride’s manufacturer include:
• L/C – Letter of Credit
• T/T – Telegraphic Transfer
• PayPal
• Western Union
• Money Gram
• Escrow
• Cash

Why is Chinese Pendulum Rides Manufacturer like Sinorides’s Price Higher than Others?

Higher prices of reputable Pendulum ride manufacturer like Sinorides doesn’t mean high-profit margins. In fact, it is due to:

• Research and Development Cost
• Training of the staff
• Hiring well-trained and well-experienced engineers
• Buying high-quality raw material and equipment
• Excellent after-sales services

Sinorides 360 small pendulum

Sinorides 360 small pendulum rides

What Certificate do SINORIDES have Attained?

Sinorides have the following certifications:

• ISO9001
• IAAPA rated
• SGS – Société Générale de Surveillance
• BV – Bureau Veritas
• TUV – Technischer Überwachungsverein
• CIQ – China Inspection and Quarantine
• CE – Conformité Européenne
• China Manufacture License of Special Equipment and China Installation

How long has SINORIDES company run on amusement rides manufacturing?

Sinorides have 28+ years of experience in manufacturing Pendulum ride and other amusement rides.

Are Pendulum Rides Tested Before Shipping?

Yes, Pendulum rides are tested for 80 plus hours under multiple situations before shipment.

The testing includes an empty load test, a full load test, and a bias load test.

What Countries Does Chinese Pendulum Ride Manufacturer Export their Products to?

Chinese Pendulum Rides manufacturers have exported their products around the globe in 80+ countries, including Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan, Chile, etc.

What are the Basic Steps Involved in the Manufacturing of Pendulum Ride?

Pendulum Ride’s manufacturing involves a series of steps, including:

1. Choosing the Right Material: choosing the quality material is one of the essential things for manufacturing a long-lasting and reliable pendulum ride.

Manufacturers offering their products at a fairly lower price than the market’s average are probably due to inferior quality material.

One of the most recommended material that should be used in the ride is Fiber-reinforced Fiberglass.

It is due to its high impact resistance, and as it is lightweight, durable, reliable, and eco-friendly.

2. Designing and Technical Drawing: The ride’s design is one of the most crucial aspects, without which the ride may collapse or turn out to be a disaster.

This process includes combining all ideas together with a target of a complete Pendulum ride.

These initial design ideas can be called schematic drawings include sketches/drawings provided by the client and other practical and popular designs of the industry.

Once the schematic drawing is finalized, the design enters the Design Development phase, where technical aspects like dimensions are considered to come up with a final plan.

One the final phase, the schematic design, combined with the technical aspects, is turned into a final plan.

3. Production Phase: once the material and design are finalized. The production of the Pendulum ride starts. The production is divided into three main operations:

a) Fiberglass Manufacturing: Fiberglass is cut in various sizes and shaped into different components, including seats, otter gondolas design, ride’s body, etc.

b) Steel Structure Manufacturing: in this phase, steel goes through various processes, including cutting, welding, CNC machining, Debarring, and Bending, to form various important components of the Pendulum ride like platform, main structure, and other mechanical components.

c) Assembling: it is the phase where all the electrical and mechanical components are assembled.
This process also includes the installation of an electric control system, safety system, and paint job.

4. Testing and Quality Validation:

Once the Pendulum ride production is complete, the product enters the phase of several hours of quality and performance tests.

Here are some of the prominent tests performed:
• Steel Parts Inspection: It is ensured that the steel parts don’t have rust or burr. Moreover, the steel parts are protected with anti-rust liquid to prevent rust in the future.

• Welding Parts Inspection: It ensures that welding points of the components have no crack, and welds are tidy, neat, smooth, and with a uniform texture.

It is also ensured that the weld between adjacent layers is done properly.

Lastly, it is also checked that the welding process was according to the National Standards GB8408-2008.

• FRP Inspection: also called as Fibre-Reinforced Polymer (Plastic) Inspection.
It is a testing procedure where all the components made out of FRP material are tested. The testing includes Embedded Part inspection, Teppanning Inspection, and Appearance Inspection.

• Painting Inspection: It is a phase where both protective and decorative paint is inspected.
It is ensured that the appearance of the paint is level off, smooth, and plump.
The thickness is consistent, and they are no cracks, leakage, pores, or shrinkage cavity.

• Equipment Testing: it is mandatory to test every Pendulum ride with and without load for at least 8 hours/day and for 80 hours continuously before shipment.

5. Shipment: Once the Pendulum ride is manufactured and tested, it is time to ship it to its owner. For shipping, the best quality packaging material is used along with adequate knowledge to pack and load all the equipment into the container.

Manufacturing of Pendulum Ride

Manufacturing of Pendulum Ride

How to Reduce the Cost of Repair and Maintenance for Pendulum Ride?

There are several ways to reduce the cost of repair and maintenance for the Pendulum ride.

Here are some of the most effective ones recommended by the experts:
• Routine Check-up: Amusement Park owners must conduct the routine check-up of the Pendulum rides to ensure everything is working fine, and if there is a problem, it should be fixed immediately before the condition get worse.
The inspection should be done for key areas like Steel frame, Locking mechanisms, Seat materials (FRP), Music and LEDs, Safety features, Electrical systems, and Hydraulic Control System.

• Keep the Pendulum ride’s surface clean: Regular cleaning of the ride’s surface should be conducted, as dirt or chemical substance can accumulate on the surface.
It may damage the component, eventually, you may have to replace the whole component, which will add extra cost.

• Hire a Professional Technician: Hire the right person for amusement ride maintenance as they will do a quality job and will quote reasonable repair and maintenance charges.


Reduce the Cost of Pendulum Ride

What is the Working conditions and working environment for Pendulum Ride?

Here are the main requirements for the Pendulum Ride Working conditions:

  • Power system: 3-phase 5-wire 380V, 50Hz power capacity not less than 30kW
  • Geologication: you need to run the Pendulum Ride below altitude ≤2000m.
  • Equipment installation site requirements: horizontal concrete floor, foundation bearing capacity ≥180kPa and required to be even and compact
  • Temperature environment: 0℃~﹢35℃(The allowable temperature environment for storage and storage of the equipment is -20℃~+40℃)
  • Maximum allowable relative humidity in working condition: 80%
  • Allowable maximum wind speed in working state: 15m/s corresponds to a wind pressure of 0.141kN/㎡, and non-working state allows maximum wind speed: 30m/s corresponds to a wind pressure of 0.55kN/㎡
  • When the power supply voltage fluctuation range exceeds ±10% of the rated value, operation should be stopped until it returns to normal.
  • The grounding form of the power distribution system adopts the TN-S system, and the protective grounding resistance is ≤4Ω
  • You should not install the Pendulum Ride in the high-voltage power transmission and distribution overhead line channel

What is the Operating procedures and precautions for Pendulum Ride?

Safety Instructions for Pendulum Rides

  • The system of safety instructions is to ensure the personal safety of passengers.
  • The owners, operators, maintenance personnel and tourists of Pendulum Rides should strictly abide by the regulations of the safety instructions. The contents of the safety instructions of Pendulum Rides are as follows:
  • The operation and maintenance personnel of Pendulum Rides must be professionally trained in safe operation, possess common sense of amusement machine management, and obtain a special equipment operation certificate before they can operate the equipment.
  • Pendulum Rides users must establish sound, standardized and feasible safe operating procedures. Accept the supervision and management of the national quality and technical supervision department.
  • The operator must strictly abide by the safety operation regulations, and the operator must make every effort to ensure the personal safety of the passengers during the Pendulum Rides operation.
  • Set up relevant safety guidelines at the entrance of the equipment and other necessary places, and can remind visitors in the form of text, pictures or videos of matters that need to be paid attention to when riding the Pendulum Rides.
  • Remind visitors to read “Guide to Tourists” before boarding, the “Instructions for Passengers” signs should have obvious parts that are easiest for passengers to see. The contents of the “Instructions for Passengers” must be consistent with the contents of the “Instructions for Passengers” in the “Equipment Operation and Maintenance Manual”. The “Instructions for Passengers” sign should be clear and eye-catching.
  • Obvious text signs should be set up at the passenger entrance and exit of the Pendulum Rides to help guide passengers to enter the platform and leave the platform correctly. Entrance and exit signs should be clear and eye-catching. The entrance should be marked with height inspection.
  • The Pendulum Rides staff must guide the passengers to read the contents of the “Instructions for Passengers” sign, clearly indicate the physical requirements of the passengers, and refuse to ride the passengers who do not meet the physical conditions.
  • The Pendulum Rides can only be operated with people after passing the safety test operation inspection. The operator of the departure platform must guide and control the number of passengers entering the departure platform to ensure that the platform is completely empty after departure and no passengers are stranded.
  • After the passengers are safely in place, the platform operator must clearly signal the departure, then the control room operator can start the equipment launch operation
  • The Pendulum Rides installation site should be a level and solid concrete floor to facilitate rescue operations in emergency situations. The Pendulum Rides should delineate emergency passages to facilitate the evacuation of passengers according to the scene, and the direction of the emergency passages should be clearly marked and indicated.
  • Prohibit running pendulum rides on wind speed exceeds 15m/s, Snowfall, hail, The ambient temperature is not in the normal range of 0℃~﹢35℃ and earthquake.

Operating Instructions for Pendulum Rides

  • When using the pendulum rides, first check the surrounding environment of the equipment safety fence to ensure that there are no people around the safety fence and objects obstructing the operation of the equipment. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the platform and inside the fence during operation.
  • The pendulum rides must be operated in accordance with the inspection requirements of the test operation before the equipment is operated, and the pendulum rides can be put into operation after confirming that the equipment is operating normally and the safety devices are effective.
  • Passengers are not allowed to start operation when the passenger is not seated firmly, the safety lever, and the seat belt is not locked.
  • The operator should promptly remind passengers of all unsafe actions to ensure the safety of passengers.
  • Operators must carefully study and master the operating procedures and troubleshooting methods for common faults, and make equipment operation records and inspection and maintenance records.

Operating Procedures for Pendulum Rides

  • Open the Pendulum Rides control cabinet door and close the main power switch
  • Turn on the emergency stop switch on the console panel
  • Select operating mode: manual or automatic. Sinorides Pendulum Rides is divided into two operating modes: automatic and manual. Through the touch screen mode button selection, the “manual mode” is only used for debugging, overhauling equipment and some special situations; the automatic mode is used for the user’s daily operation.
  • Wait for the pressure indicator to stay on
  • Open Pendulum Rides platform and press shoulder
  • Wait for the passengers to enter the Pendulum Rides cockpit, turn off the shoulder pressing knob, do a good job of stabilization, lock the safety shoulder pressing, and safety belts to confirm safety, then close the platform before pressing the warning button (bell) for pre-departure warning.
  • After the warning bell is over, press the start button, and the device starts to run.
  • After the normal operation according to the set time, the cockpit stops and the bell rings to end the movement.

What is the Requirements for Pendulum Rides Operation Personnel?

  • Pendulum Rides Operation Personnel must be at least 18 years old and have a certain knowledge of large-scale amusement rides, must undergo professional training, pass the assessment, and obtain special equipment operation certificates before they can work.
  • On-the-job personnel should be proficient in the business knowledge and operation skills of the position.
  • Read the operation and maintenance manual carefully before use, and fully understand the relevant professional knowledge of the Pendulum Rides.
  • Strictly implement various systems and have a high degree of safety awareness for the Pendulum Rides.
  • Pendulum Rides Operators are strictly prohibited to leave their posts when the pendulum is running.
  • It is strictly prohibited for drunk personnel to operate the Pendulum Rides, and those who are not competent to perform their duties are not allowed to operate the Pendulum Rides.
  • When the Pendulum Rides is running, at least one operator in front of the control cabinet is always looking after.
  • The operator must closely monitor the operating conditions of the equipment at all times.
  • When the operator finds unsafe factors, he must immediately press the “stop” button.
  • Operators must carefully fill in the operation diary in each shift.

How To Maintain Pendulum Rides?

In order to make the Pendulum Rides work safe and reliable and extend the service life, a series of maintenance and maintenance must be performed on it on time.

Maintenance of the Pendulum Rides Mechanical Parts

Maintenance of Pendulum Rides Slewing Ring

  • The slewing ring runs for 100 hours for the first time, and the pre-tightening force of the bolts should be checked every 500 hours thereafter.
  • The slewing bearing should be greased once every 100h of operation. The raceway must be filled with grease every time it is lubricated until the grease leaks out from the seal. When grease is added, the grease must be filled evenly.
  • If there are abnormal noises, vibrations, shocks, or sudden power increase, you must stop the machine and check the slewing ring.
  • If the slewing ring seal is damaged or falls off, it should be replaced or reset in time.
  • When the equipment that is out of service for a long time is activated, the slewing ring must be filled with fresh grease.

The Meshing Maintenance of Pendulum Rides Pinion Gear and Slewing Ring Gear

  • Check the lubrication of the meshing tooth surface, add grease in time to prevent hard foreign matter from entering the meshing surface.
  • Check the wear and radial movement of the meshing surface, and stop immediately if any abnormalities are found.
  • Clean the tooth surface at least once a week and apply heavy-duty tooth-opening grease.

Maintenance of Pendulum Rides Structural Parts

  • Regularly check the conditions of each weld, if any cracks are found, they must be dealt with in time, and it is strictly forbidden to run with defects.
  • Regularly check whether the connection of each structural member is loose, and deal with it immediately if it is found.
  • Regularly check the surface coating condition of each structural part, and if there is rust, it should be repainted in time, and if it is severely rusted, it should be replaced.
  • After a certain period of operation, the fiberglass cockpit frame may be corroded by rain and other factors, which may cause corrosion, and should be inspected regularly.
  • In addition to the initial daily inspection of each fastener, it must be fixed regularly, once a month.

Maintenance of Pendulum Rides Reducer

  • The reducer has been lubricated before leaving the factory. Under normal conditions, the lubricating oil is changed every 2500h. The lubricating oil specification is heavy-duty industrial gear oil.
  • Check the oil level frequently and visually check whether the oil quantity is sufficient. If oil leakage is found, the operation must be stopped and repaired in time.
  • The recommended lubricant grade for the reducer is: 85W/90GL-5 gear oil.

Maintenance of Pendulum Rides Electrical System

  • Before operation, it must be tested for 3 times without load, and at the same time, confirm whether the display instrument, indicator light, and logical action sequence are normal.
  • After the motor is started, if there is an abnormal sound, it must be shut down immediately for inspection and troubleshooting.
  • It is strictly forbidden to flip the switch at will during operation to avoid malfunction.
  • Daily maintenance of all circuit interfaces, wires and peripheral components should be kept intact.
  • When power and lighting are found to be faulty during use, check and repair according to the electrical system schematic diagram.
  • Usually, partial surface paint stripping is also used to make up primer and top coat. Ensure that the equipment will not be rusted due to paint stripping, which will affect the service life.
  • After rain and snow, the rain and snow on the pillars, cockpit, and power unit should be cleared in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
  • The inside and outside of the cockpit should be cleaned frequently and wiped clean to ensure a neat and beautiful appearance.
  • Frequently check the cockpit connection, whether the slewing ring connection bolts are loose, and whether the components are abnormal.
  • The seat belt must be replaced once a year, and the wire rope and wire rope clamp must be replaced after two years of use.
  • The equipment must be inspected once a year. The annual inspection includes non-destructive inspection of important shaft parts, welding parts, safety devices, etc., and inspection of pressure gauges and safety valves.

What is Pendulum Rides Emergency Accident Response Plan?

  • Operators must be trained in rescue measures before operating pendulum rides.
  • In case of emergency during operation, press the “emergency stop” (stop button for the whole machine) to terminate the operation of the pendulum rides.
  • Unlock when safety shoulder pressing is out of power: turn on the shoulder pressure switch and use the remaining air in the air tank to open the shoulder pressure cylinder.
  • When the remaining air in the air tank cannot open the safety shoulder, manually pull the cylinder pull ring behind the seat at the same time, so that the pull rod and the tooth block can be lifted manually after being separated from the safety shoulder.
  • Manual lifting of the platform during a power outage: the staff opens the “platform” of pendulum rides and uses the remaining gas from the gas tank to automatically raise the platform.

What is Pendulum Rides Cost?

Are you wondering the pendulum rides cost before importing it from China?

Here we list the reference price of different pendulum rides to let you have a brief impression.

  • 360° Small Pendulum Rides Cost is $189032
  • 30 Seats Big Pendulum Rides Cost is $281935
  • 23 Seats  Pendulum Rides Cost is $217419
  • 12 Seats  Pendulum Rides Cost is $58710
  • 6 Seats  Pendulum Rides Cost is $34903

But this is just a reference cost, you need to contact the Pendulum Rides Manufacturer to get the exact cost including shipping, installation and other cost.






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