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Recommend Pendulum Rides for Sale

As leading amusement rides manufacturer, Sinorides pendulum rides can increase your park revenues with ergonomics seats suitable to different heights and weights.

The 360 pendulum ride is an amusement ride that swings back and forth around a horizontal axis while the cockpit rotates around the center column.

360° Large Pendulum Rides for Sale
Sinorides provide 360° Large Pendulum Rides for Sale with 360° rotating movement and people's safety guaranteed.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 40kW
  • Height: 11m
  • Swing Angle: 360°
360° Small Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides 360° Small Pendulum Rides for sale Meet European Quality Standard with full certifications at affordable price.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 30kW
  • Height: 11m
  • Swing Angle: 360°
Sinorides 30 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides offer 30 Seats Pendulum Rides for Sale with complete technical support and spare parts for your business.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 30P
  • Power: 120kW
  • Height: 14.5m
  • Swing Angle: 110°
Sinorides 23 seats Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides supply 23 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale with stable performance and multi safet settings.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 23P
  • Power: 22kW
  • Height: 13.8m
  • Swing Angle: 40°
12 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale
Sinorides 12 Seats Pendulum Rides for Sale can be tailored for the color, seats and more for your need.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 12P
  • Power: 21kW
  • Size:L6*W6m*H5.5m
  • Voltage:380V
Sinorides 6 seats pendulum rides for sale 3
Sinorides provide 6 Seats Pendulum Rides for sale with global installation and maintenance service.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 6P
  • Power: 12kW
  • Height: 4.2m
  • Area:6m*6m

Your Premier Pendulum Rides Manufacturer in China

Sinorides is a premier pendulum rides manufacturer and has exported pendulum rides to 169+ countries. Sinorides do the running test to guarantee no techncial problem before delivering to our customers.

Your customers will spend less time to wait for the stop and you will get more people to ride your pendulum rides as Sinorides increase the braking function to your pendulum rides transmission system.

Sinorides use famous brands electrical components to let your pendulum rides run more accurately. You can easily operate it by the help of display screen on the control cabinet. There are automatic and manual operation modes for the pendulum ride to save your time and improve working efficiency.

Besides pendulum rides, Sinorides provide you various amusement rides such as roller coaster, pirate ship ride and more.

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Pendulum Rides for Sale Project

Sinorides use famous brands electrical components to let your pendulum rides run more accurately. It will not work if there is any safety parts not adjust well. This could improve your park visitors’ safety to the most.

As pendulum ride is a large thrill rides, it needs more settings and test to ensure perfect performance, Sinorides can help you install and maintain your pendulum rides so you don’t need to worry about how to install it.  This will help you cut down a lot of time and cost on seeking technicans to do the installation work.

Besides installation, Sinorides will also send engineers to train your staff to operate your pendulum rides and other theme park rides.

Sinorides help you run a successful theme park through 28+ years amusement rides experience, you can contact us to discuss any things about park business.

Sinorides Pendulum Rides Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides Pendulum Rides Cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Sinorides Pendulum Rides Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Pendulum Rides appearance more smooth.
Sinorides Pendulum Rides Details
High grade material to ensure your Pendulum Rides running safely.
Sinorides Pendulum Rides Seats Details
Multi safety settings for Pendulum rides seats to ensure your park visitors’ safety.
Sinorides Pendulum Rides Structure details
Strong steel structure to bear different movement and people in various weight
Sinorides Pendulum Ride welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Pendulum rides steel structure.


TECHNICAL DATA360° Large360° Small30 Seats23 Seats12 Seats6 Seats
Number of Seats24P12P30P23P12P6P
VersionPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark ModelPark Model

Sinorides 360 Pendulum Rides Design

Sinorides Pendulum Rides Design image

Sinorides Pendulum Rides Design

12 seats pendulum rides drawing

mini pendulum rides drawing

pendulum rides techncial drawing

Please contact our support team to get the complete technical drawings for Pendulum Rides

From 6 seats to 30 seats or even more seats, Sinorides can provide you a wide range of pendulum rides for sale. You will find our amusement pendulum rides highly safe.

There is an emergency button to stop the pendulum ride from running for the emergency case. Besides this, you will also find chicken leg shoulder, automatic braking, double safety pressure bar, waist-blocking crotch, and more. Sinorides will also assist you with installation if required.

This kind of amusement equipment follows the operating principle of a large pendulum so that a small place can also have the experience of a large playground. Sinorides exports its premium quality amusement pendulum rides to over 120 countries.

We are pleased to announce that more than 2396 theme and amusement parks are our happy customers. Whatever the size of your amusement park is, we have a ride for you. While our mini pendulum ride accommodates small spaces, the large pendulum ride is ideal for a big size amusement park.

Sinorides pendulum rides are manufactured meeting the EN13814 and other quality standards. You can contact our support team to check the CE, ISO, and more certifications.

Sinorides is Reliable Pendulum Rides Manufacturer

Sinorides Quality Pendulum Rides for sale

Sinorides can be trusted when you are seeking pendulum rides for your theme park and attractions business. Sinorides is a professional pendulum rides manufacturer with IAAPA membership.

The pendulum rides in the amusement rides industry are generally at a constant speed and the experience is not good, Sinorides redesign and manufacture your pendulum rides to achieve European quality standards and stimulating experiences.

You can easily operate the pendulum rides with the optimized electrical cabinet. It is convenient to maintain your pendulum rides as we set the fixed maintenance ladder and platform. Sinorides will also help to train your staff to maintain and operate your pendulum rides.

Your pendulum rides could start and stop precisely with the intelligent control system.

Sinorides does not compromise on quality and safety. Whether you are buying a mini pendulum ride or a 360-pendulum ride, you will find premium quality material and accessories. To maintain the longevity and sturdiness of park rides pendulums, we utilize galvanized stainless steel only.

In addition to this, we use FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic) material for seats and cabins. You will find handcrafted fiberglass pieces in our rides. Moreover, instead of regular paint, we use car paint on cabins to make them eye-appealing, rustproof, and non-fading.

We manufacture all our amusement pendulum rides in a state-of-the-art workshop. Our 50000 sqm. workshop is equipped with cutting-edge machines that give a professional appearance and 100% accuracy to amusement rides. We utilize laser cutters to cut metal without flaws.

Sinorides is not a new name in the amusement rides manufacturing industry. For almost three decades, we have been successfully running the pendulum rides project. You will get high-quality components whether it is an air cylinder, flange, air compressor, or slewing bearing. 

You also get a warranty on our amusement pendulum rides. In the event of a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the item at no cost. Sinorides provides a one-year guarantee on mechanical parts and a six-month guarantee for electrical components. 

Get the price for your pendulum rides from Sinorides now!

Everything You Need to Know About Pendulum Rides

If you are an amusement park enthusiast, you must have ridden a pendulum ride at least once. Pendulum rides are one of the most popular amusement park rides, thanks to their thrilling and exciting experience. In this comprehensive guide, we will answer all your questions related to pendulum rides.

We will start with the basics and explain what a pendulum ride is and how it works. Then we will explore the different types of pendulum rides available in the market and the mechanical and electrical components used in their construction. You will also learn about the materials used to make the various components of the ride, including the mechanical structure, orbital platform, and metal components.

Safety is a crucial aspect of any amusement park ride, and we will address this concern by discussing the safety features of pendulum rides and what causes the feeling of weightlessness that passengers experience during the ride.

If you are planning to buy a pendulum ride, we have got you covered. We will discuss the cost of pendulum rides, the installation process, and the warranty and guarantee provided by the manufacturer. We will also tell you what to do in case the ride breaks down during operation.

As most pendulum rides are manufactured in China, we will highlight the advantages of buying from Chinese manufacturers and the cooperation process involved. We will also look at the different characteristics of 360° small and large pendulum rides, as well as 30, 23, 12, and 6 seats pendulum rides.

Whether you are a fan of pendulum rides or are planning to buy one for your amusement park, this guide has all the information you need to know about pendulum rides.


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