All You Need to Know About Pirate Ship Amusement rides

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Pirate Ship Ride – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you planning to start an amusement park?

If YES, you might consider ordering a pirate ship ride for your amusement park to make the most of your new business.

If that is the case, read our ultimate FAQ Guide about Pirate Ship Ride to select the best pirate ship ride and get your questions answered. Let’s get started.

Sinorides Pirate Ship Ride for Amusement Park

What is a Pirate Ship Ride?

A pirate ship ride is also called a Viking ship ride, pirate boat ride, and swing ship ride.

The pirate ship ride is an amusement ride that swings around a horizontal axis to make people relax.

It can withstand large radial loads; press the start button on the electrical control cabinet and make the pirate ship ride swing move on a fixed axis.

The pirate ship ride mainly comprises a gantry, beam, internal and external pull arms, power transmission device, hull frame, glass fiber reinforced plastic hull components, electrical control system, etc.

This Viking boat ride comes from the Ferris wheel category.
Pirate Ship Amusement Park Rides
Pirate Ship Ride

What are the Types of Pirate Ship Ride?

The below-listed pirate ship ride types are most in demand nowadays:

Sinorides 40P Pirate Ship Ride

Sinorides 40P Pirate Ship Ride is famous in 2000+ theme parks worldwide.

It meets European quality standards and features high performance.

As a leading amusement rides manufacturer, Sinorides has advantages in raw materials and supply chain.

If you want to install or upgrade the pirate ship ride for your theme park, this 40P Pirate Ship Ride will be your better investment.

Sinorides 32P Pirate Ship Ride

Sinorides 32 Seats Pirate Ship Amusement Park Ride

32P Pirate Ship Ride is a solid product at Sinorides.

It is designed with an interactive lock system to ensure people’s safety.

It covers 11m in length and 10m in width and requires 21.5kW.

You should consider your park size before importing the pirate ship ride.

Sinorides 24P Pirate Ship Ride

Sinorides 24p Pirate Ship Theme Park Ride

Sinorides 24P Pirate Ship Ride is made of high-grade FRP and environmentally friendly paintings for children.

You can discuss your situation with the Sinorides support team for your special request.

This Viking ship ride suits theme parks and attractions, even in indoor places like shopping and FEC centers.

Sinorides 18P Pirate Ship Ride

Sinorides 18P carnival pirate ship

Sinorides 18P Pirate Ship Ride is a new design style of Pirate Ship Ride.

It is equipped with an optimized control system to finish the swing movement.

If you want to add a new type of pirate ship ride, you can buy it for your park business.

Sinorides 16P Pirate Ship Ride

Sinorides 16 Seats Pirate Ship Fair Ride

Sinorides 16P Pirate Ship Ride passed CE and BV certifications.

You can have it installed by Sinorides, as we provide global shipping and installation services.
Sinorides 8P Pirate Ship Ride

Sinorides 8p carnival pirate ship for sale

Sinorides 8P Pirate Ship Ride is suitable for small spaces with a small budget.

You can purchase it cheaply from Sinorides and grow your carnival business.

It consumes 3kW power and can hold eight people at the same time.

What is the Feature of the Pirate Ship Ride?

The main feature of the pirate ship ride is the seated gondola, which oscillates back and forth, thus making the passengers experience several levels of momentum.

Pirate ship ride consists of a welded steel structure integrated with decorative cladding and benches constructed of high-quality fiberglass.

Because of the versatile momentum feature, it can efficiently operate with moderate accelerations.

It swings freely from the pivot controlled by the torque button present on the roller built-in precisely at its bottom.

It operates at constant momentum as well.

pirate ship ride feature

Features of Pirate Ship Ride

How Does the Pirate Ship Ride Work?

Here is the working video of the Sinoride pirate ship ride.

The pirate ship ride works as a mechanical pendulum.

Instead of the centrifugal force, it is operated by rollers that move the ship freely when it comes in contact with them.

They are attached directly below the ship’s platform.

The rollers help the operator change the direction clockwise or anti-clockwise around the pivot point when it is at the center or at least 30 30 degrees from the ground.

How Does the Pirate Ship Ride Work

How Does the Pirate Ship Ride Work

How Do Pirate Ship Ride Move?

The pirate ship ride moves in a to-and-fro motion. It hangs from the pivot point and drives like a hanging object.

Once the Pirate Ship Ride is turned on, it moves clockwise and in an anti-clockwise direction from the center.

The rollers lift the bottom from the ground into the air slowly, and then it is pulled back freely with acceleration caused by gravity. The exact process happens on the other side.

By alternative torque patterns, it moves like a mechanical pendulum.

How Do Pirate Ship Ride Move

How to Do Pirate Ship Ride Move

When Was the Pirate Ship Ride Invented?

The first pirate ship ride was invented between 1893 and 1897 by Charles Albert Marshall of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Initially called “The Ocean Wave,” the ride was revealed to the public in the Marshall Bros Circus in 1897.

The circus was managed by Charles and his brothers Mike, Will, Ed, friends, and family.

How Does a Pirate Ship Make Money?

Pirate ship rides are an in-demand product for amusement parks because they appeal best to young tourists.

Park owners can speedily repute the costs of buying the pirate ride.

Apart from the benefit of a high-paying resource, it is easy to install.

Therefore, buying a pirate ship ride is a long-term investment.

Pirate ship rides offer an expected degree of fun and can be experienced by people of all ages who can ride independently.

For that reason, amusement park owners must consider pirate ship rides for their amusement parks.

Quality manufacturers like Sinorides offer automatically programmed pirate ship rides, making them easy to operate and lower cost.

How Does a Pirate Ship Make Money

How Does a Pirate Ship Make Money

Is Pirate Ship Ride Trustworthy?

While choosing pirate ship rides for amusement parks, visitors prioritize safety over anything else.

For that reason, most quality amusement park ride manufacturers like Sinorides put Quality and safety first when manufacturing pirate ship rides.

All the pirate ship rides in Sinorides are of high Quality, are trustworthy, and come with a guarantee.

Sinorides Pirate Ship Ride for Amusement Park

Sinorides Pirate Ship Ride for Amusement Park

What are the Chances of Pirate Ship Ride Breaking?

Experienced and well-reputed pirate ship ride manufacturers like Sinorides use the pressing shoulder, which has the same design as the Rolrolleraster.

As a result, ride operators are competent to interlock with the running stroke of the Pirate ship rides. So they can offer the best experience to the tourists.

Park owners don’t need to worry about breaking or falling off a pirate ship ride if they order it from a trusted place.

Are Pirate Ship Rides Safe?

Here is the truth:

Most pirate ship ride accidents happen due to wrong operation and safety negligence.

You need to install safety accessories such as a fence to avoid potential incidents.

Besides this, you should also show the safety instructions at prominent locations to educate your park visitors.

Generally speaking, pirate ship rides are safe if you buy them from a trusted source like Sinorides, a well-known IAAPA Rated Rides Manufacturer in China with more than 28 years of manufacturing experience.

They provide Global Install & Maintain services along with Customized Design globally.

What are the Best Pirate Ships Ride Manufacturers?

Since there are many manufacturers, choosing the best pirate ship ride manufacturers can feel daunting.

The truth is:

A good pirate ship ride manufacturer will also be a good amusement rides manufacturer.


PPirate ship rides need technical development ability, and only a manufacturer with rich development experience can do so.

Follow the easy steps below to choose the best and most reliable ride for your park.

1. Search for the best manufacturers on Google and go through their websites.
2. Contact them and talk about prices. Examine quotes received.
3. Read customers’ reviews and look for their experience in the field.
4. Close the deal with the most trusted companies like Sinorides.

How Large is a Pirate Ship Ride?

Pirate ship rides can carry between 45 and 55 passengers.

The gondola, shaped (significantly like a boat), can swing them up to 20m in height, touching a 75° angle.

It has a welded steel structure, decorative cladding, and benches made of fiberglass-reinforced plastics, making it fit for countless variations.

With toddlers from 1.1m tall accompanied by an adult, they can enjoy the ride. Those over 1.2m are smart to ride alone.

The size of the Pirate ship ride varies among different types. You can check the below Pirate ship ride size video from Sinorides customers.

How Much Does a Pirate Ship Ride Cost to Build?

The cost of a pirate ship ride varies from model to model.

Also, it depends on the number of seats, size, driving power, and height Dimension.

However, when it comes to getting a reliable pirate ship ride at a cheap rate, the park owners must consider Chinese pirate ship ride manufacturers to get the best deals.

How Does a Pirate Ship Ride Stop?

Most pirate ship rides consist of the brake system, which plays the leading role in stopping it.

This brake system is integrated with a brake hub, a brake wheel, and a cylinder to make it easy for the controller to stop the ride.

These parts work together to stop the pirate ship ride.

The cylinder pushes the brake wheel to rub against the main beam to stop the ride.

Top-rated and advanced companies like Sinorides provide pirate ship rides with multi-safety settings to ensure people’s safety.

Here is the video showing you how the Sinoride pirate ship ride stops.

What are the Requirements to Install a Pirate Ship ride in an Amusement Park?

The main requirements for installing pirate ship ride are as follows:

Site Survey

You need to get the geological prospecting report and foundation construction
technical information to confirm that your park site is suitable for installing the pirate ship ride.

Personnel Qualification Certificate

Please process the documents as soon as possible before preparing to install your pirate ship ride; getting the personnel qualification certification takes a long time.

The good news is:

You can require your pirate ship ride manufacturer to send qualified engineers to install the ship rides.

This is the best way to save time and cost while ensuring installation quality.


The inspection of the foundation is required.

According to the drawings, and abnormal cracking & subsidence should be prevented.

  • Assembly, painting, and Installation of columns, beams, and booms should be made to meet the requirements of the drawings.
  • All parts should be made to fit correctly.
  • Prepare the operating room electrical cabinet.
  • Install the pneumatic system and ensure that it meets the requirements.
  • Remove dirt from the surface of the equipment and then paint the parts that need to be painted.

Installation Safety Precautions

  • Prevent it from falling from high altitude.
  • Safety equipment, such as safety helmets and belts, should be confirmed during Installation.
  • The foundation of the pirate ship should be made to specification.
  • The belt drive and braking parts in operation should be prevented from avoidable mechanical damage.
  • Before powering it on, check to verify that the grounding of each part is in good condition.

Also, please keep the following points in mind while installing a pirate ship ride in your amusement park:

1. First, prepare your construction site to ensure you choose the right place for pirate ship ride installation.
2. Open-box inspection to check and make a record of all components for your pirate ship ride.
3. Perform an introductory survey and laying-out to detect the construction site.
4. Necessary inspection and acceptance for your pirate ship ride quality standard.
5. Keep a vital check on the installation and adjustment process to ensure the worker fixes the pirate ship ride at the right points.
6. Monitor pirate ship rides fixing and grouting.
7. Clean all parts of the pirate ship ride and assemble them.
8. Development of pirate ship ride electrical engineering.
9. Trial operation of pirate ship ride to make sure everything is operating well.

What is the Physics of Pirate Ship Ride?

Almost all the pirate ship rides operate on the physics of torque, rotation, periodic motion, and physical momentum.

In addition to all these principles, the centrifugal force contributes to a greater extent in maintaining its motion.

The electrical control system drives the friction rubber wheel to rotate, and the rubber wheel is applied to the hull’s bottom rail under the hydraulic pusher’s action.

A certain pressure, the rolling friction generated by the rotating rubber wheel and the bottom rail, drives the pirate ship to swing on a fixed axis.

It swings freely from the pivot point, which is adjusted right under the bottom of the ride.

The built-in roller present drives the swing motion on the floor directly under the ship’s center.

The applied button determines the extent of the torque, according to which it oscillates back and forth under the influence of the roller.

The centrifugal force causes the pirate ship ride to push itself towards the rim, making it oscillate according to its weight and properties.

How do you import pirate ship rides from China?

Sinorides can help you to import pirate ship rides from China. Because it is:

• China’s leading pirate ship rides manufacturing company with more than 27 years of experience
• IAAPA Rated Rides Manufacturer & provide customized design
• Offer shipment and installation services at an affordable price

How do I choose a pirate ship ride for my park?

When looking to buy an amusement pirate ship ride for your park, keep the following factors in mind:

• Rider capacity
• Swing speed
• Power requirements
• Swing angle
• Height

The most recommended person capacity for ridership is about 24 people.

The best pirate-rider ships’ speed angle is 45 degrees, whereas the appropriate power requirement should be 11KW.

To find all these requirements up to the mark, many park owners head towards Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides, which have the best options for each park.

What Things to Consider Before Choosing Pirate Ship Ride?

The significant factors to consider while purchasing a Pirate Ship Ride include:

• The safety measures
• The price
• The attractiveness of its structure
• The allowance of the authorities in your area

Some additional features you need to consider before choosing the Pirate Ship Ride include its weight, swing speed, and the power it consumes.

The height requirements matter the most when selecting the best Quality Pirate Ship Rider.

The most suggested height of this amusement ride is about 39 inches.

Amusement Park owners should prefer the suggested height and a wide range of thrills; people love to experience challenging rides.

Things to consider for choosing the best pirate ship rides

Things to consider for choosing the best pirate ship rides

How do you find a reliable pirate ship rider manufacturer in China?

Finding the best reliable pirate ship ride in China isn’t a big deal as it’s considered the center for producing the best amusement rides.

You can explore many options online without roaming your head around the corner.

Being the hub of the best manufacturers, China is also home to Sinorides – the ultimate manufacturer of the best quality pirate ship rides.
Reliable Pirate Ship Rides Manufacturer

Reliable Pirate Ship Rides Manufacturer

How to Install a Pirate Ship Ride?

The Pirate Ship Ride’s Installation depends on the cranes’ availability to place all the components of this amusement ride.

The primary factor that may hinder you during the Installation of the Pirate Ship Ride is the transportation of its parts from one place to another.

Most of the Pirate Ship Ride needs anchor bolts to fix the parts into the ground to ensure the grip.

Firstly, the anchor bolts are embedded in the ground by grouting.

After grouting the anchor bolts in the ground, all the Pirate Ship Ride parts are adjusted into the anchor bolts for better grip.

pirate ship ride for sale

Installation of pirate ship ride

How to Maintain the Pirate Ship Ride?

The Pirate Ship Ride maintenance is related to lubrication, refueling, and parts cleaning.

Try to clean all parts regularly to prevent dust accumulation in between, thus causing the problem in its movement.

Frequent lubrication, refueling, and Pipe Acid Washing also help enhance the ride’s activity.

Here is the detailed requirement for Pirate Ship Ride maintenance:

Pirate Ship Ride Mechanical Systems Maintenance

  • Regularly check whether the fasteners of each fastening point are loose, and tighten them strictly according to the requirements.
  • Check the tension of the drive pulley once a week to make it adequately tensioned.
  • Lubricating oil is added to each connection point weekly to ensure good lubrication.
  • The lubricating oil in the gearbox is cleaned every six months.
  • The grease in the bearing is cleaned every six months.
  • The whole Pirate Ship Ride set must be thoroughly inspected every six months, and it can operate normally only if it is safe and reliable.
  • Perform annual flaw detection re-inspection on main stressed parts and welding.

Pirate Ship Ride Electrical Systems Maintenance

  • Protect the surface of the control box panel clean.
  • Regularly check whether the box’s wiring terminals, wires, and external wiring are loose or fall off.
  • Regularly check the insulation resistance of the rotating motor, and it shall not be less than 1MΩ.
  • Regularly check the grounding resistance of the entire system; it should not be greater than 10Ω.
  • The frequency converter should be cleaned regularly.

How do you check the Quality of the pirate ship ride?

The best way to check the Quality of pirate ship rides is to check their construction materials, as the timeless durability of the rides depends on this factor.

Moreover, the anchor jolts and bolts are also responsible for making a pirate ship ride reliable and supported.

Because the better the grip of the ride on the ground, the better the Quality will be.

Quality of pirate ship ride

Quality of pirate ship ride

How do you ensure the safety of the pirate ship ride?

To ensure safety measures for pirate safety rides, many actions need to be done by the amusement authority, such as adopting safety PLCs, block zones, systematic failure analysis, and failure mode inspections.

Block zones are responsible for maintaining a suitable distance between the two sides to minimize the extent of accidents.

Moreover, the regular single and multiple failure analysis for determining the failure points also prevents sudden accidents.

Failure modes and effects must be analyzed before the opening of amusement rides.

Safety of the Pirate Ship Ride

What Are The Main Spare Parts Of Pirate Ship Ride?

Here is the truth:

Pirate ship rides are made of mechanical and electrical systems.

The mechanical spare parts of the pirate ship ride include:

Round Tube of Pirate Ship Ride

A round tube refers to steel with open ends and a hollow and concentric cross-section; its length is more significant than the surrounding area.

It can be used in pipelines, thermal equipment, and machinery industry.

Round tube of pirate ship ride

Round tube of pirate ship ride

Channel Steel for Pirate Ship Ride

Channel steel is a long strip of steel with a groove-shaped cross-section.

Channel steel is mainly used in building structures, curtain wall engineering, mechanical equipment, vehicle manufacturing, etc.

Channel Steel for Pirate Ship Ride

Channel Steel for Pirate Ship Ride

Pirate Ship Ride Angle Iron

Angle iron is a long steel strip whose two sides are perpendicular to each other and form an angle.

The angle steel can be composed of various stress-bearing members according to the different needs of the structure and can also be used as the connection between the members.

Pirate Ship Ride Angle Iron

Angle Iron of Pirate Ship Ride

Rectangular Tube for Pirate Ship Ride

A rectangular tube is a hollow strip of steel, also known as a flat tube.

When the bending and torsion strength are the same, the weight is lighter, so it is widely used in manufacturing mechanical parts and engineering structures.

Rectangular Tube for Pirate Ship Ride

Rectangular Tube for Pirate Ship Ride

Square Tube of Pirate Ship Ride

It is rolled into strip steel after process treatment.

Generally, the strip steel is unpacked, flattened, crimped, and welded to form a round tube. Then, the round tube is rolled into a square tube and cut to the required length.

Square Tube of Pirate Ship Ride

Square Tube of Pirate Ship Ride

Seamless Pipe of Pirate Ship Ride

Seamless pipe is a long steel with a hollow section and no joints on the periphery.

Seamless Pipe of Pirate Ship Ride

Seamless Pipe of Pirate Ship Ride

Hexagon head bolts of Pirate Ship Ride

Hexagon head bolts are usually used for fastening mechanical equipment.

Hexagon head bolts of Pirate Ship Ride

Hexagon head bolts of Pirate Ship Ride

Lock Nuts of Pirate Ship Ride

The lock nut is a kind of nut widely used in machinery and other industries.

Its working principle is to use the friction between the nut and the bolt for self-locking.

Lock Nuts of Pirate Ship Ride

Lock Nuts of Pirate Ship Ride

Flat Washers of Pirate Ship Ride

Flat washers are usually thin pieces of various shapes used to reduce friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loosening, or distribute pressure.

Flat Washers of Pirate Ship Ride

Flat Washers of Pirate Ship Ride

Deep Groove Ball Bearing of Pirate Ship Ride

Deep groove ball bearing is the most widely used rolling bearing. It is characterized by low frictional resistance and high speed.

It can be used on parts that bear radial load or a combined load that acts simultaneously on radial and axial directions and can also be used on parts that take axial load.

Deep Groove Ball Bearing of Pirate Ship Ride

Deep Groove Ball Bearing of Pirate Ship Ride

Bearing Seat of Pirate Ship Ride

The slewing bearing seat is a large and extra-large bearing seat with a unique structure that can accept comprehensive loads.

It has a compact structure, sensitive rotation, and convenient device maintenance.

Bearing Seat of Pirate Ship Ride

Bearing Seat of Pirate Ship Ride

Cylinder of Pirate Ship Ride

The cylinder is a cylindrical metal part that guides the piston to reciprocate linearly in the cylinder.

The cylinder is a pneumatic actuator that converts the pressure energy of compressed gas into mechanical energy in pneumatic transmission.

Cylinder of Pirate Ship Ride

Cylinder of Pirate Ship Ride

V Shaped Tape of Pirate Ship Ride

The belt, or V-shaped tape, is a unique conveyor belt, a mechanical device to transfer force and transport goods. It is easy to install, has a small footprint, and has high transmission efficiency.

V Shaped Tape of Pirate Ship Ride

V Shaped Tape of Pirate Ship Ride

Brake Wheel of Pirate Ship Ride

It is fixed with the tire and rotates at the same speed.

When braking, hydraulic pressure is used to push the brake shoes into contact with the inner edge of the brake drum, and the friction generated by the contact can restrain the tire’s rotation to achieve the braking purpose.

Brake Wheel of Pirate Ship Ride

Brake Wheel of Pirate Ship Ride

Hydraulic Coupler of Pirate Ship Ride

A fluid coupling is a hydraulic transmission device that connects a power source (usually an engine or an electric motor) with a working machine and transmits torque by the change of liquid momentum moment.

Hydraulic Coupler of Pirate Ship Ride

Hydraulic Coupler of Pirate Ship Ride

Electrical Spare Parts for Pirate Ship Ride

Oil-free Silent Air Compressor For Pirate Ship Ride

The oil-free silent air compressor is a miniature reciprocating piston compressor.

When the single shaft of the motor drives the crankshaft of the compressor to rotate, the piston with self-lubrication without adding any lubricant is reciprocated through the transmission of the connecting rod.

Oil-free Silent Air Compressor of pirate ship ride

Oil-free Silent Air Compressor

Electric Motor for Pirate Ship Ride

A motor refers to an electromagnetic device that realizes the conversion or transmission of electric energy according to the law of electromagnetic induction.

Its primary function is to generate driving torque, a power source for electrical appliances or machinery.

Electric Motor for Pirate Ship Ride

Electric Motor for Pirate Ship Ride

Circuit Breaker for Pirate Ship Ride

A circuit breaker for pirate ship rides refers to a switching device that can close, carry, and break the current under normal loop conditions and close, carry, and break the current under abnormal loop conditions within a specified time.

Circuit Breaker for Pirate Ship Ride

Circuit Breaker for Pirate Ship Ride

AC Contactor for Pirate Ship Ride

The working principle of the AC contactor is to use the electromagnetic force and the spring force to cooperate to realize the connection and breaking of the contact.

AC Contactor for Pirate Ship Ride

AC Contactor for Pirate Ship Ride

Time Relay for Pirate Ship Ride

A time relay is an electrical component used on a circuit with a lower voltage or a smaller current to switch on or off a circuit with a higher voltage and larger current.

Time Relay for Pirate Ship Ride

Time Relay for Pirate Ship Ride

Intermediate Voltage Relay for Pirate Ship Ride

The intermediate relay is essentially a voltage relay but has many contacts and a small capacity. It is an electrical appliance used as a control switch.

Intermediate Voltage Relay for Pirate Ship Ride

Intermediate Voltage Relay for Pirate Ship Ride

Thermal Relay for Pirate Ship Ride

Thermal relays are protective electrical appliances used for overload protection of motors or other electrical equipment and electrical circuits.

Thermal Relay for Pirate Ship Ride

Thermal Relay for Pirate Ship Ride

Switching Power Supply for Pirate Ship Ride

The switching power supply is roughly composed of four parts: the primary circuit, the control circuit, the detection circuit, and the auxiliary power supply.

Switching power supplies are characterized by small size, lightweight, low power consumption, and high efficiency.

Switching Power Supply for Pirate Ship Ride

Switching Power Supply for Pirate Ship Ride

PLC Controller for Pirate Ship Ride

The PLC controller is a modular combination of internal CPU, instruction and data memory, input and output units, power supply modules, and digital and analog units.

A PLC controller is a computer dedicated to industrial control, and its hardware structure is the same as that of a microcomputer.

PLC Controller for Pirate Ship Ride

PLC Controller for Pirate Ship Ride

Indicator Lights for Pirate Ship Ride

The indicator light monitors the working or position status of the circuit and electrical equipment.

Indicator lights include green, yellow, white, and red lights.

The red light is on, which means it is running; the green light is on, it’s out of service; and the milky white light is on; it’s in the test state.

Indicator Lights for Pirate Ship Ride

Indicator Lights for Pirate Ship Ride

Power Switch Button for Pirate Ship Ride

A button switch, also known as a control button (button for short), is a low-voltage electrical appliance that can be manually and generally reset automatically.

Buttons are usually used in circuits to issue start or stop instructions to control the on and off of electrical coil currents, such as electromagnetic starters, contactors, and relays.

Power Switch Button for Pirate Ship Ride

Power Switch Button for Pirate Ship Ride

Emergency Stop Button for Pirate Ship Ride

In industrial safety, it is required that all machines whose transmission parts directly or indirectly cause harm to the human body under abnormal conditions must be protected.
Emergency Stop Button for Pirate Ship Ride

Emergency Stop Button for Pirate Ship Ride

Voltmeter for Pirate Ship Ride

In the voltmeter, there is a magnet and a wire coil.

After passing the current, the coil will generate a magnetic field so that it will rotate under the action of the magnet after it is energized.

Voltmeter for Pirate Ship Ride

Voltmeter for Pirate Ship Ride

Ammeter for Pirate Ship Ride

There is a permanent magnet inside the ammeter, which generates a magnetic field between the poles.

When a current passes through, the current passes through the magnetic field along the spring and the rotating shaft to deflect the coil and drive the rotating shaft and pointer to deflect.

Since the magnitude of the magnetic field force increases with the current increase, the magnitude of the current can be observed by the degree of deflection of the pointer.

Ammeter for Pirate Ship Ride

Ammeter for Pirate Ship Ride

Current Transformer for Pirate Ship Ride

The current transformer is composed of a closed core and windings.

It converts the large current on the primary side into a slight current on the secondary side for measurement.

Current Transformer for Pirate Ship Ride

Current Transformer for Pirate Ship Ride

Electric Bell for Pirate Ship Ride

When the electric bell is energized, the electromagnet has a current passing through it, and magnetism is generated.

It attracts the sheet below to make it vibrate and make a sound. At the same time, the circuit is disconnected.

The electromagnet loses its magnetism and is bounced back. There was a continuous sound.

Electric Bell for Pirate Ship Ride

Electric Bell for Pirate Ship Ride

Terminals for Pirate Ship Ride

The terminal block is used to facilitate the connection of the wire.

It is a piece of metal enclosed in insulating plastic.

There are holes at both ends for the wire to be inserted. There are screws for fastening or loosening.

Terminals for Pirate Ship Ride

Terminals for Pirate Ship Ride

Electric Control Cabinet for Pirate Ship Ride

When the pirate ship ride usually operates, the electric control can be switched on or off using a manual or automatic switch.

You can cut off the circuit or alarm with the help of protective appliances when malfunctioning or abnormal operation.

Electric Control Cabinet for Pirate Ship Ride

Electric Control Cabinet for Pirate Ship Ride

Pirate ship ride includes a caliper Brake, Handbrake, Galvanized brake disc, and brake assembly.

Pirate ship ride hull swing has the hull connected to the lower end of the boom, and the suspension of the beam is connected to the crash’s upper hand.

The driving system is the main force that carries the swing.

The driving system is composed of:
• Cylindrical lifting device
• Driving wheel
• Belt accelerating device with the belt reduction mechanism

The rotation of the primary motor drives the drive wheel.

The brake system consists of:
• An air cylinder
• Brake hub
• Brake wheel

The beam is responsible for the production of primary products.

How Does The Manufacturer Package The Pirate Ship Ride?

Packaging the pirate ship ride is the manufacturer’s last step after developing it.

All the components of the pirate ship rides are packed in the shipping boxes.

All shipping boxes are ensured to bear the weight of the components of the pirate ship ride.

Lastly, a mark is formed on the upper side of the boxes with all the necessary instructions.

What Is The Quality Certification Of Pirate Ship Ride?

Pirate Ship Ride is certified with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, TUV, and CE ISO.

The rule of activity draw consists of Continuous development of new products and innovation in technical knowledge.

A commitment is given to compliance with mandatory regulations and laws.

The management of the Pirate Ship Ride must apply the QMS (quality management system).

Management is responsible for managing satisfaction, guaranteeing efficiency and effectiveness, and validating achievement.

It is the only web-based shipping software that is cheaper for USPS-approved postage. Not every pirate ship ride is highly certified.

How Long Does It Take To Install Pirate Ship Ride?


Pirate ship ride installation is time-consuming work.

Smaller-sized piratrides require less time to install.

Generally, it takes 7-20 days for technical workers to finish the Installation if you have prepared all the tools and vehicles in advance.

It might need more time if you test the pirate ship ride after Installation to see if there are any technical problems.

a period of Installation of pirate ship installation

Is It Worth Buying a Pirate Ship From China?

Yes, buying a pirate ship from China is worth it.

One of China’s trustworthy manufacturers includes Sinorides, a reliable manufacturer and supplier of amusement rides.

Because of the rising costs of amusement rides, most European manufacturers are rushing towards China as they have flexible budgets for large and small parks.

Not only this, but many other mechanical facilities related to amusement rides are available in this state.

How Much Profit Can Pirate Ship Ride Generate?

Pirate Ship Ride holds fantastic market potential.

It is economically beneficial to buy and boosts the income and Profit, which another ride can’t do.

Pirate ship rides are a center of attraction in almost every second amusement park worldwide.

This colossal demand makes it a source of treasure for amusement park owners.

Owners can earn more than their money to buy a pirate ship Ride within 2 to 3 months.

So, a pirate ship is a long-term investment as it swiftly reflects the purchase cost.

Profit from pirate ship installation

Do Chinese Pirate Ship Ride Sellers Provide After-Sale Service?

Most prominent Chinese amusement ride manufacturers, including Sinorides, offer after-sale services for domestic and international buyers.

Some of these services are concluded in a nutshell as below:
1. Affordable installation services
2. Alignment duties
3. Safe Import
4. Inspection before Installation

Moreover, the pirate ship ride manufacturers in China provide flexible services by offering affordable Installation and alignment prices.

The Chinese manufacturers also offer imported amusement rides with safe and sound actions.

Lastly, their teams inspect the amusement rides before Installation in the domestic and international markets.

Which material is used in the manufacturing of pirate ship rides?

FRP materials are mainly used in the manufacturing of amusement pirate ship rides.

Some other significant materials that boost the durability of pirate ship rides include:
• Steel
• Wood
• Iron

The M20 bolt hole is the central part of the pirate ship ride.

That’s why it is made to be manufactured with the highest grade of steel.

Steel is mainly used in cold areas for manufacturing pirate ship rides, but iron can also be used for amusement rides in moderate areas.

However, iron isn’t remarkable for increasing pirate ship rides’ lifetime.

Drop Tower Ride Welding

Materials of pirate ship ride

Which Countries Are Allowed to Import Pirate Ship Rides from China?

More than 200 countries are allowed to import amusement rides from China.

As it’s considered the hub for producing the highest quality amusement rides.

Many amusement ride manufacturers in China, such as Sinorides, lead by offering the best services to many countries.

Some of the prominent dealers of Sinorides include

• All European countries
• United States of America
• Spain
• Germany
• Asia
• Africa
• Middle East

China’s amusement market has been impressing many countries since it offers mechanical facilities for customized theme park rides.

How Many Days Will Deliver a Pirate Ship Ride to the US from China?

The mean time for delivering a pirate ship ride takes about two days for the cargo, whereas it takes almost one to two weeks on a regular post.

The duration of delivering a pirate ship ride from China to the US depends on transportation.

Delivering the pirate ship ride through ocean freight will take 30 to 40 days; otherwise, it’ll arrive on air freight in eight to 10 days.

In addition to this, air express freight takes almost three days for the pirate ship ride to arrive in the US.

What to Do if My Pirate Ship Ride Breaks Down?

When your pirate ship ride breaks down, the first thing to do is to contact the respective manufacturers, as they’re responsible for resolving all problems related to the breakdown of pirate ship rides.

Many well-reputed amusement ride manufacturers in China, such as Sinorides, provide reliable services by sending professional engineers to sort out the mechanical breakdowns of pirate ship rides.

One factor to consider is that a client or the amusement ride owner must pay the engineers’ visa expenses.

If, in some cases, you’re unable to contact the manufacturer, try out the following maintenance tricks for mending the breakdown.

• Tighten up all the bolts
• Grease the pillars of the pendulum
• Replace or lubricate the ball bearings

What to Do If My Pirate Ship Ride Stops Due to a Sudden Power Outage?

There’s no need to worry about a pirate ship ride when it stops due to a sudden power outage, as it mainly operates because of the free oscillation.

A motor halt is only required to generate the desired amplitude to create the free oscillations of the pirate ship ride against the action of friction.

Pirate ship rides stop gradually whenever the motor runs out of power.

When the power supply is cut down, the pirate ship ride stays in the state of free oscillations.

Thus, the peak amplitude will decrease gradually, causing it to stop independently.

Sinorides Pirate Ship ride is safe when power is run out.

Here, you can see the Sinorides Pirate Ship Power Outage Test Video.

Can I Make My Pirate Ship Ride Lightning-Proof?

You can make your pirate ship ride lightning-proof by installing the Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rods and surge protection.

The ESE lightning rods are responsible for the safe operations of the lightning bolts with the earthing system.

Moreover, they significantly increase the radius to protect pirate ship rides from lightning accidents.

Don’t forget to install surge protection in the electrical system of the pirate ship, as it plays the leading role in protecting people from lightning.

pirate ship ride lighting

Pirate ship lightning

What geologic conditions are required for installing the pirate ship ride?

The main geological conditions for the Installation of the pirate ship ride include the following factors.

• The place’s temperature at the time of Installation should be 0 to 40 degrees centigrade.
• Install it in a place with an altitude of 1000 meters.
• Don’t start up the machine during heavy fog or rainfall.

All the geological conditions are required to conform to all the installation methods.

If the abovementioned conditions aren’t fulfilled, the department installing the pirate ship ride will redesign the whole structure.

How Much Electricity Will the Pirate Ship Ride Consume to Finish the Movement?

The mean electricity consumed by the pirate ship to finish the movement is 380V, whereas the power consumption is wholly dependent on the control system of the pirate ship.

Some trustworthy amusement ride manufacturers in China, including Sinorides, provide various options depending on the power consumption.

Some main models have the power requirement of 37KW, 21.5KW, 12KW, 30KW, 8KW, and 4KW.

No doubt, all models work on the free oscillation principle, but electricity is needed to boost up the peak movement of the ride.

Can I Customize the Voltage and Electric Frequency for My Pirate Ship Ride?

Yes, you can customize the electric frequency of your pirate ship ride by changing the transformer capacity, but the voltage consumption remains constant.

A current transformer plays the leading role in customizing the large current to a smaller current according to your choice.

Besides the current transformer size, the electric system of the pirate ship ride determines the electric frequency.

An average pirate ship ride with 24 seats demands 12KW, whereas a boat with 18 seats consumes a power frequency of about 30KW.

What Type of Lubricating Oil Should I Use for My Pirate Ship Ride?

Following are the main types of lubricants that you can use for your Pirate ship ride.

Mineral Oils

Mineral oils contain 10% additives, which come in handy to reduce the extent of friction.

Biodegradable Lubricant

Biodegradable lubricants are commonly less toxic than other oils with better viscosity. Moreover, they’re well-known for enhancing the lubricity of several parts of pirate ship rides.

Lube Oil

Lube oil is mainly used to reduce the friction and wear between the bolts of the ride.

Fire-resistant Oil

Fire Fire-resistant oils act as lubricants and play the leading role in reducing corrosion.

High-Performance Greases

High-performance greases are the best to boost the movement of ball bearings and bolts of the amusement rides.

The primary role of all these lubricants is to ensure the safe and swift movement of the pirate ship ride.

How To Operate Pirate Ship Ride?

Operate Pirate Ship Ride

Operate Pirate Ship Ride


It is not an easy thing to operate the pirate ship ride.

You need to learn the manual from your pirate ship ride manufacturer.

Here is the general requirement for working pirate ship rides.

Operation Control System

i. The control system of the pirate ship is subject to electrical control.

The control cabinet comprises leakage circuit breakers, transformers, contactors, thermal relays, other components, and corresponding signs.

ii. The key switch is the control power switch; the corresponding indicator light comes on when it is turned on.

iii. The voltmeter is used to indicate the voltage of the power supply.

When the main breaker is closed, the voltmeter displays the voltage value; when driving or braking the device, the ammeter shows the current.

Operation Mode

I. Operating mode

The running action of the pirate ship is simple; only the manual mode is available.

Turn on the power →, start the notice →, start the motor, and create a pirate ship swing → and brake.

ii. Operation Method

Once the passenger is seated in the cockpit of the pirate ship, the staff should help confirm the fastening of the seat belt and then press the bumper for the visitor.

Press the start button (SB2) to start the motor, and the pneumatic valve YV1 runs and locks itself, and the hull is fixed.

Move the change switch to drive the hull swing.

When the hull angle reaches 60°, the limit switches (SQ1 and SQ2) are touched, and the motor stops automatically.

When achieving a break, power it off by alternately pressing SB5 and SB6. The hull gradually stops under the friction between the brake tire and the main beam.

The pirate ship runs for approximately 3 minutes and completes an operational cycle of roughly 6 minutes.


SB is the emergency stop button.

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