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Sinorides is your reliable Pirate Ship Ride manufacturer in China. There are more than 2136 theme parks worldwide that have imported our Pirate Ship Ride and other amusement rides for sale to grow their park business. Your Pirate Ship Ride is more safe as Sinorides make the main force-bearing structure of the hull 5 times than the quality standard requirement and the overall structure is more secure and safer.

You can control your Pirate Ship Ride automatically with the program and finely operated step by step manually. Sinorides apply two safety ropes installed on the hull with 280KN breaking force to effectively protect against accidental breaks.

Sinorides Pirate Ship Ride strictly comply with the safety requirements in relevant quality standards to avoid the unsafe factors and risk points. Your Pirate Ship Ride will receive non-destructive testing to ensure there is no defects for the structure.

Sinorides 40p pirate ship ride for sale
Sinorides provide 40 Seats Pirate Ship Ride with different design and fiberglass boat to attract more park visitors.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 40P
  • Power: 49kW
  • Space Area: L15mxW14.5m
Sinorides manufacture 32 Seats Pirate Ship Ride for sale that meet European standard to ensure your park visitors’ safety.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 32P
  • Power: 21.5kW
  • Space Area: L11mxW10m
24p pirate ship ride
Sinorides is the 24 Seats Pirate Ship Ride manufacturer with full testing certifications and meet various quality standards.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 24P
  • Power: 11.5kW
  • Space Area: L12mxW8m
Sinorides 18P Pirate Ship Ride Manufacturer
Sinorides supply 18 Seats Pirate Ship Ride for Sale with best design and price to support your park business.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 18P
  • Power: 30kW
  • Space Area: L12mxW6m
16 Seats Viking Boat Rides for Sale
Sinorides 16 Seats Pirate Ship Ride is endorsed by CE, BV and other certifications with stable performance.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 8kW
  • Space Area: L9mxW6m
8p pirate ship ride
Sinorides 8 Seats Pirate Ship Ride for Sale can be customized on colors and appearance for your special needs.

Main Data:
  • Capacity: 16P
  • Power: 3kW
  • Space Area: L6mxW4m

Your Premier Pirate Ship Ride Manufacturer in China

  • Sinorides will contact the Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute to conduct supervision and inspection of the pirate ship ride and obtain a supervision and inspection report
  • The appearance of Sinorides pirate ship ride has a patented design to attract more park visitors.
  • You can use our Pirate Ship Ride in indoor parks, outdoor parks, and attraction sites.
  • Sinorides will provide necessary operation training to customers and teach them how to operate the pirate ship ride, as well as how to deal with emergency situations.
  • Your pirate ship ride raw materials are in strict accordance with the design requirements such as the specifications, thickness, etc.
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Pirate Ship Ride for Sale Project

Sinorides pirate ship ride is not only one of the most classic amusement rides, but also the best-selling amusement ride, with more than 100 units being produced and sold every year.

Sinorides pirate ship ride has two main materials, one is fiberglass and the other is steel.

Sinorides has 10 different designs of pirate ship rides for sale. We have 3000+ pirate ship ride customers from all over the world, such as Iraq, Algeria, Greece, Myanmar, and other countries and regions.

You will receive the complete technical document of the pirate ship ride such as: design appraisal report, type test report, mechanical product certificate, electrical product certificate, non-destructive test report, heat treatment report, product certificate, Maintenance manual, necessary electrical and mechanical drawings.

Your pirate ship ride will have a 80+ hours full load, 8 hours empty load, eccentric load test under various working conditions as well as interlocking safety test to confirm if the pirate ship ride works normally.

There is an emergency stop button. When passengers experience discomfort or sudden safety conditions, your pirate ship ride will continue to stop running, and the emergency stop button can be photographed, the pirate ship ride will stop automatically running, and the brakes will start to stop, which is convenient for subsequent disposal.

Sinorides Pirate Ship Ride Manufacturing Capacity to Boom Your Park Business

Sinorides amusement rides for sale cutting
Sinorides use laser cutting machine to process the steel accurately without defects.
Amusement Rides Derusting
Sinorides do the derusting work in dust-free workshop to make your Pirate Ship Ride appearance more smooth.
Sinorides Pirate Ship Ride Material
High grade material to ensure your Pirate Ship Ride running safely.
Sinorides Pirate Ship Ride details
Superior Pirate Ship Ride Prototype to ensure the accuracy of manufacturing.
Sinorides Amusement Rides
Multi safety settings for Pirate Ship Ride seats to ensure your park visitors’ safety.
amusement rides for sale welding
Precisely welding to ensure no flaw on the Pirate Ship Ride steel structure.
TECHNICAL DATA 40P Pirate Ship Ride 24P Pirate Ship Ride 32P Pirate Ship Ride 18P Pirate Ship Ride 16P Pirate Ship Ride 8P Pirate Ship Ride
Space Area L15mxW14.5m L12m*W8m L11m*W10m L12m*W6m L9m*W6m L6m*W4m
Number of Seats 40P 24P 32P 18P 16P 8P
Rated Voltage 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V 380V
Power 49kW 11.5kW 21.5kW 30kW 8kW 3kW
Version Park Model Park Model Park Model Park Model Park Model Park Model

pirate ship ride design

Please contact our support team to get the complete technical drawings for our pirate ship ride.

Pirate Ship Ride – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Planning to start an amusement park?

If YES, you might be thinking of ordering a pirate ship ride for your amusement park to make the most out of your new business.

If that is the case, read our ultimate FAQ Guide about Pirate Ship Ride to select the best pirate ship ride and get your questions answered. Let’s get started.
pirate ship ride

What is a Pirate Ship Ride?

A pirate ship ride is also called a pirate boat.

It is a type of amusement ride, which comes with an open, small, or large seated gondola that swings back and forth, leading the passenger to different angular momentum levels.

This Viking boat comes from the Ferris wheel category.
Pirate Ship Ride for sale
Pirate Ship Ride

What are the Types of Pirate Ship Ride?

The below-listed pirate ship ride types are most in-demand nowadays:

Sinorides 40P Pirate Ship Ride
Sinorides 32P Pirate Ship Ride
Sinorides 24P Pirate Ship Ride
Sinorides 18P Pirate Ship Ride
Sinorides 16P Pirate Ship Ride
Sinorides 8P Pirate Ship Ride

What is the Feature of the Pirate Ship Ride?

The main feature of the pirate ship ride is the seated gondola, which oscillates back and forth, thus making the passengers experience several levels of momentum.

Pirate ship ride consists of a welded steel structure integrated with decorative cladding and benches constructed of high-quality fiberglass.

Because of the versatile momentum feature, it can efficiently operate with moderate accelerations.

It swings freely from the pivot controlled by the torque button present on the roller built-in precisely at its bottom.

It operates at constant momentum as well.

Features of Pirate Ship Ride

Features of Pirate Ship Ride

How Does the Pirate Ship Ride Work?

The pirate ship ride works as a mechanical pendulum.

Instead of the centrifugal force, it is operated by rollers that move the ship freely when it comes in contact with them.

They are attached directly below the platform of the ship.

The rollers help the operator to change the direction clockwise or anti-clockwise around the pivot point when it is at the center or at least 30 degrees angle from the ground.

Pirate Ship Ride working principle

How Do Pirate Ship Ride Move?

The pirate ship ride moves in a to and fro motion. It hangs from the pivot point and moves like a hanging object.

Once Pirate ship Ride is turned on, it first moves in clockwise and then in an anti-clockwise direction from the center.

The rollers lift the bottom from the ground into the air slowly, and then it is pulled back freely with acceleration caused by gravity. The same process happens on the other side.

By alternative torque patterns, it moves like a mechanical pendulum.

Pirate Ship Ride movemen

When Was the Pirate Ship Ride Invented?

The first pirate ship ride was invented between 1893 and 1897 by Charles Albert Marshall of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The ride, which was initially called “The Ocean Wave,” was revealed to the public in the Marshall Bros Circus in 1897.

The circus was managed by Charles and his brothers Mike, Will, Ed, friends, and family.

How Does a Pirate Ship Make Money?

Pirate ship ride is an in-demand product for amusement parks because it appeals best to young tourists.

Park owners can speedily repute the costs of buying the pirate ride.

Apart from the benefit of a high-paying resource, it is easy to install.

Therefore, buying a pirate ship ride is a long-term investment.

Pirate ship ride offers an expected degree of fun and can be experienced by all ages of people who are smart to ride independently.

For that reason, amusement park owners must consider pirate ship ride for their amusement park.

Quality manufacturers like Sinorides offer automatic programmed pirate ship rides, which means they are easy to operate and lower on cost.

Is Pirate Ship Ride Trustworthy?

While choosing pirate ship rides for amusement parks, visitors prioritize safety over anything else.

For that reason, most quality manufacturers like Sinorides put Quality and safety in the first place when they manufacture the pirate ship rides.

All the pirate ship rides in Sinorides are of high quality, trustworthy, and comes with a guarantee.

What are the Chances of Pirate Ship Ride Breaking?

Experienced and well-reputed pirate ship ride manufacturers like Sinorides use the pressing shoulder that is the same design as the Roller coaster.

As a result, ride operators are smart to interlock with the running stroke of the Pirate ship rides. So, they can offer the best experience to the tourists.

Park owner doesn’t need to be worried about breaking or falling of pirate ship ride if they ordered pirate ship ride from a trusted place.

Are Pirate Ship Rides Safe?

Pirate ship rides are safe if you buy them from a trusted source like Sinorides, a well-known IAAPA Rated Rides Manufacturer in china with more than 27 years of manufacturing experience.

They provide Global Install & Maintain services along with Customized Design globally.

What are the Best Pirate Ships Ride Manufacturers?

Since many manufacturers out there, choosing the best pirate ship, ride manufacturers, can feel like a daunting task.

Follow the below easy steps to choose the best and reliable ride for your park.

1. Search on Google for the best manufacturers and go through their websites.
2. Contact them and talk about prices. Examine quotes received.
3. Read customers’ reviews, and look for their experience in the field.
4. Close the deal with the most trusted companies like Sinorides.

How Large is a Pirate Ship Ride?

Pirate ship ride can carry between 45 and 55 passengers.

The gondola, shaped (large as a boat), can swing them up to 20m in height, touching a 75° angle.

It is made with a welded steel structure coupled with decorative cladding and benches made of fiberglass reinforced plastics, making it fit for countless variations.

With toddlers from 1.1m tall accompanied by an adult can enjoy the ride. Those over 1.2m are smart to ride alone.

How Much Does a Pirate Ship Ride Cost to Build?

The cost of a pirate ship ride varies from model to model.

Also, it depends on the number of seats, size, driving power, and height Dimension.

However, when it comes to getting a reliable pirate ship ride at a cheap rate, the park owners must consider Chinese pirate ship ride manufacturers to get the best deals.

How Does a Pirate ship Ride Stop?

Majority of the pirate ship rides consist of brake system which plays the leading role in stopping it.

This brake system is integrated with brake hub, a brake wheel and a cylinder to make it easy for the controller for stopping the ride.

These parts work together to stop the pirate ship ride.

To stop the ride, the cylinder pushes the brake wheel to rub against the main beam.

Most top-rated and advanced companies like Sinorides provide pirate ship ride with multi safety settings to assure people’s safety.

What are the Requirements to Install a Pirate Ship ride in an Amusement Park?

Keep the following points in your mind while installing a pirate ship ride in an amusement park:

1. First, prepare your construction site to make sure you choose the right place
2. Open-box inspection to check and make a record of all materials
3. Perform introductory survey and laying-out to detect the wrong parts of the construction site
4. Necessary inspection and acceptance to check the material standard
5. Keep a vital check on the installation and adjustment process to ensure the worker fix the amusement rides at the right points
6. Monitor Amusement rides fixing and grouting
7. Clean all parts and assemble them
8. Development of electrical engineering
9. Trial operation of amusement Rides to make sure everything parts is operating well

What is the Physics of Pirate Ship Ride?

Almost all the pirate ship rides operate on the physics of torque, rotation, periodic motion, and physical momentum.

In addition to all these principles, the centrifugal force also contributes to a greater extent in maintaining its motion.

It swings freely from the pivot point, which is adjusted right under the bottom of the ride.

The built-in roller present drives the swing motion on the floor directly under the center of the ship.

The applied button determines the extent of the torque according to which it oscillated back and forth under the influence of the roller.

The centrifugal force causes the pirate ship ride to push itself towards the rim, making it oscillates according to its weight and properties.

How to Import Pirate Ship rides from China?

Sinorides can help you to import pirate ship rides from China. Because it is:

• Chine leading pirate ship rides manufacturing company with more than 27 years of experience
• IAAPA Rated Rides Manufacturer & provide customized design
• Offer shipment and installation services at an affordable price

How to Choose a Pirate Ship Ride for my Park?

When looking for buying an amusement pirate ship ride for your park, keep the following factors in mind:

• Rider capacity
• Swing speed
• Power requirements
• Swing angle
• Height

The most recommended person capacity for ridership is about 24 people.

The best pirate rider ships’ speed angle is 45-degrees, whereas the appropriate power requirements should be 11KW.

For finding all these requirements up to the mark, many park owners are headings towards the Chinese manufacturers like Sinorides as they have the best options for each park.

What Things to Consider Before Choosing Pirate Ship Ride?

The significant factors to consider while purchasing a Pirate Ship Ride include:

• The safety measures
• The price
• The attractiveness of its structure
• The allowance of the authorities in your area

Some of the additional features you need to consider before choosing the Pirate Ship Ride include its weight, swing speed, and the power needs it consumes.

The height requirements matter the most when it comes to select the best Quality Pirate Ship Rider.

The most suggested height of this amusement ride is about 39 inches.

Amusement Park owners should prefer the suggested height and a wide range of thrills; after all, people love to experience challenging rides.

pirate ship ride

Things to consider for choosing the best pirate ship rides

How to Find a Reliable Pirate Ship Rides Manufacturer in China?

Finding the best reliable pirate ship ride in China isn’t a big deal as it’s considered the center for producing the best amusement rides.

You can explore many options online without roaming your head around the corner.

Being the hub of best manufacturers, China is also home to Sinorides – the ultimate manufacturer to get the best quality pirate ship rides.
pirate ship ride for sale

How to Install a pirate Ship Ride?

The Installation of Pirate Ship Ride is all dependent on the availability of cranes for placing all the components of this amusement ride in place.

The primary factor that may hinder you during the Installation of Pirate Ship Ride is the transportation of its parts from one place to another.

Most of the Pirate Ship Ride needs anchor bolts to fix the parts into the ground for ensuring the grip.

Firstly the anchor bolts are embedded in the ground by grouting.

After grouting the anchor bolts in the ground, all the Pirate Ship Ride parts are adjusted into the anchor bolts for better grip.

pirate ship ride for sale

Installation of pirate ship ride

How to Maintain the Pirate Ship Ride?

The Pirate Ship Ride maintenance is related to lubrication, refueling, and cleaning of the parts.

Try to clean all parts regularly to prevent dust accumulation in between, thus causing the problem in its movement.

Frequent lubrication and refueling, along with Pipe Acid Washing; also help enhance the ride’s activity.

How to Check the Quality of the Pirate Ship Ride?

The best way to check the Quality of pirate ship rides is to check their construction materials, as the timeless durability of the rides depends on this factor.

Moreover, the anchor jolts and bolts are also responsible for making a pirate ship ride reliable and supported.

Because the better the grip of the ride on the ground, the better will be the Quality.

pirate ship ride for sale

Quality of pirate ship ride

How to Ensure the Safety of the Pirate Ship Ride?

For ensuring the safety measures of pirate safety rides, many actions need to be done by the amusement authority, such as the adoption of safety PLCs, block zones, systematic failure analysis, and failure mode inspections.

Block zones are responsible for maintaining a suitable distance between the two rides to minimize the extent of accidents.

Moreover, the single and multiple failure analysis regularly for determining the failure points also prevents sudden accidents.

Failure modes and effects must be analyzed before the openings of amusement rides.

What Are The Main Spare Parts Of Pirate Ship Ride?

Pirate ship ride consists of caliper Brake, Handbrake, Galvanized brake disc, and brake assembly.

Pirate ship ride hull swing has the hull connected to the lower end of the boom, and suspension of the beam is connected to the crash’s upper hand.

The driving system is the main force to carry swing.

The driving system is composed of:
• Cylindrical lifting device
• Driving wheel
• Belt accelerating device with the belt reduction mechanism

The rotation of the primary motor drives the drive wheel.

The brake system consists of:
• An air cylinder
• Brake hub
• Brake wheel

The beam is responsible for the production of primary products.

How Does The Manufacturer Package The Pirate Ship Ride?

Packaging of the pirate ship ride is the last step a manufacturer performs after developing it.

All the components of the pirate ship rides are packed in the shipping boxes.

All shipping boxes are ensured to bear the weight of the components of pirate ship ride.

Lastly, a mark is formed on the upper side of the boxes with all the necessary instructions.

What Is The Quality Certification Of Pirate Ship Ride?

Pirate ship ride is certified with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and TUV and CE ISO.

The rule of activity draw consists of Continuous development of new products and innovation in technical knowledge.

A commitment is given to compliance of mandatory regulations and laws.

The management of the Pirate Ship Ride must apply the QMS (quality management system).

Management of satisfaction, a guarantee of efficiency, effectiveness, and validation of achievement is management’s responsibility.

It is the only web-based shipping software that is cheaper for USPS-approved postage. Not every pirate ship ride is highly certified.

How Long Does It Take To Install Pirate Ship Ride?

Pirate ship ride takes 25 minutes for setup and 30 minutes for data collection.

The main challenge that comes across is to design a pirate ship ride.

The big task is to make waves, which take a lot of time; thus, an efficient mechanic is also responsible for fixing and installing the pirate ship ride.

Plus,the installation period depends upon how long the pendulum is.

In short: Pirate Ship Ride takes 1 hour for this complete procedure.

Time period of installation of pirate ship installation

a period of Installation of pirate ship installation

Is It Worth Buying Pirate Ship From China?

Yes, buying a pirate ship from china is worth it.

One of the trustworthy manufacturers in China includes Sinorides, which is a reliable manufacturer and supplier of amusement rides.

Because of the rising costs of amusement rides, most European manufacturers are rushing towards China as they have flexible budgets for large and small parks.

Not only this, but many other mechanical facilities related to the amusement rides are available in this state.

How Much Profit Cana pirate Ship Ride generate?

Pirate Ship ride holdsa fantastic market potential.

It is economically beneficial to buy and boosts the income and Profit, which another ride can’t do.

Pirate ship ride is a center of attraction in almost every second amusement park worldwide.

This colossal demand makes it a source of treasure for amusement park owners.

Owners can earn more than their money to buy a pirate ship Ride within 2 to 3 months.

So a pirate ship is a long-term investment as it swiftly reputes the cost of purchasing.

Pirate Ship Ride

Profit from pirate ship installation

Do Chinese Pirate Ship Rides Sellers Provide After-Sale Service?

The majority of the prominent Chinese amusement rides manufacturers, including Sinorides, offer after-sale services for domestic and international buyers.

Some of these services are concluded in a nutshell as below:
1. Affordable installation services
2. Alignment duties
3. Safe import
4. Inspection before installation

Moreover, the pirate ship ride manufacturers in China provide flexible services by offering affordable installation and alignment prices.

Importing services of the amusement rides are also offered by the Chinese manufacturers with safe and sound actions.

Last but not least, their teams inspect the amusement rides before installation in the domestic and international market.

Which Material is Used in the Manufacturing of Pirate Ship Ride?

FRP materials are mainly used in the manufacturing of amusement pirate ship rides.

Some other significant materials which boost up the durability of pirate ship rides include:
• Steel
• Wood
• Iron

The M20 bolt hole is the central part of the pirate ship ride.

That’s why it is made sure to manufacture with the highest grade of steel.

In cold areas, steel is mainly used for manufacturing pirate ship rides, but iron can also be used for amusement rides in moderate areas.

However, iron isn’t much remarkable for increasing the lifetime of pirate ship rides.

Drop Tower Ride Welding

Materials of pirate ship ride

Which Countries Are Allowed to Import Pirate Ship Rides from China?

More than 200 countries are allowed to import amusement rides from China.

As it’s considered the hub for producing the highest quality amusement rides.

Many amusement ride manufacturers in China, such as Sinorides, play a leading role by offering the best amusement ride services to a wide range of countries.

Some of the prominent dealers of Sinorides include

• All European countries
• United States of America
• Spain
• Germany
• Asia
• Africa
• Middle East

China’s amusement market has been impressing a wide range of countries since they offer mechanical facilities for customized theme parks rides.

How Many Days Will it Take to Deliver a Pirate Ship Ride to the US from China?

The mean time for delivering a pirate ship rides takes about two days for the cargo, whereas it takes almost one to two weeks on a regular post.

The time duration of delivering a pirate ship ride from China to the US depends on transportation.

If you’re delivering the pirate ship ride through ocean freight, it’ll take 30-40 days; otherwise, it’ll arrive in eight to ten days on the air freight.

In addition to this, air express freight takes almost three days for the pirate ship ride to arrive in the US.

What to Do if My Pirate Ship Ride Breaks Down?

When your pirate ship ride breaks down, the first thing to do is to contact the respective manufacturers as they’re responsible for resolving all problems related to the breakdown of pirate ship rides.

Many well-reputed amusement ride manufacturers in China, such as Sinorides, provide reliable services by sending professional engineers to sort out the mechanical breakdowns of pirate ship ride.

One factor to consider is a client or the owner of the amusement ride will have to pay the visa expenses of the engineers.

If, in some cases, you’re unable to contact the manufacturer, try out the following maintenance tricks for mending the breakdown.

• Tighten up all the bolts
• Grease the pillars of the pendulum
• Replace or lubricate the ball-bearings

Pirate Ship Ride

Pirate ship breakdown

What to Do If My Pirate Ship Ride Stops Due to a Sudden Power Outage?

There’s no need to worry about pirate ship ride when it stops due to a sudden power outage as it mainly operates because of the free oscillation.

A motor halt is only required to generate the desired amplitude for creating the free oscillations of the pirate ship ride against the action of friction.

Pirate ship rides stop stops gradually whenever the motor runs out of power.

When the power supply is cut down, the pirate ship ride stays in the state of free oscillations.

Thus, the peak amplitude will decrease gradually, causing it to stop on its own.

Pirate ship ride amusement rides for sale

Power Outage of Pirate Ship

Can I Make My Pirate Ship Ride Lightning-Proof?

Yes, you can make your pirate ship ride lightning-proof by installing the Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rods and surge protection.

The ESE lightning rods are responsible for the safe operations of the lightning bolts with the earthing system.

Moreover, they significantly increase the radius for protection of pirate ship rides from lightning accidents.

Don’t forget to install the surge protection in the electrical system of the pirate ship as it plays the leading role in the protection of people from lightning.

pirate ship ride lighting

Pirate ship lightning

What Geologic Conditions Required for Installing the Pirate Ship Ride?

The main geological conditions for the installation of the pirate ship ride include the following factors.

• The temperature of the place at the time of installation should be 0 to 40 degrees centigrade.
• Install it in the place having altitude in the limit of 1000 meters.
• Don’t start up the machine during heavy fog or rainfall.

All the geological conditions are demanded to conform to all the methods of installation.

If the conditions mentioned above aren’t fulfilled, the department for installing the pirate ship ride will redesign the whole structure.

How Much Electricity Will the Pirate Ship Ride Consume to Finish the Movement?

The mean electricity consumed by the pirate ship for finishing the movement is 380V, whereas the power consumption is wholly dependent on the control system of the pirate ship.

Some of the trustworthy amusement ride manufacturers in China, including Sinorides, provide various options depending on the power consumption.

Some main models have the power requirement of 37KW, 21.5KW, 12KW, 30KW, 8KW, and 4KW.

No doubt, all models work on the free oscillation principle, but electricity is needed to boost up the peak movement of the ride.

Can I Customize the Voltage and Electric Frequency for My Pirate Ship Ride?

Yes, you can customize the electric frequency of your pirate ship ride by changing the transformer capacity, but the voltage consumption remains constant.

A current transformer plays the leading role in customizing the large current to a smaller current according to your choice.

Besides the current transformer size and the electric system of the pirate ship ride determine the electric frequency.

An average pirate ship ride with 24 seats demand 12KW to run, whereas a pirate ship ride having 18 seats consumes a power frequency of about 30KW.

What Type of Lubricating Oil Should I Use for My Pirate Ship Ride?

Following are the main types of lubricants that you can use for your Pirate ship ride.

Mineral Oils

Mineral oils contain 10% additives, which come in handy to reduce the extent of friction.

Biodegradable Lubricant

Biodegradable lubricants are commonly less toxic than other oils with better viscosity. Moreover, they’re well-known to enhance the lubricity of several parts of pirate ship ride

Lube Oil

Lube oil is mainly used to reduce the friction and wear between the bolts of the ride.

Fire-resistant Oil

Fire re-resistant oils not only act as lubricants but also play the leading role in reducing corrosion.

High-Performance Greases

High-performance greases are the best to boost up the movement of ball-bearings and bolts of the amusement rides.

The primary role of all these lubricants is to ensure the safe and swift movement of the pirate ship ride.

Pirate Ship Ride

Lubrication of pirate ship ride

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