16-Seat Carousel Ride
Dimensions D6mxH4.8m
Area 7.5mx7.5m
Number of Seats 16P
Rated Voltage 380V
Power 3.5kW
Version Park Model


TAG:  Carousel Rides
16 Seat Carousel amusement park ride (merry go round) usually has three types, luxury merry go round and under-transmission merry go round and animal theme merry go round.
Carousel is a very classic amusement equipment, and attractive to many tourists, especially kids. Now the design of merry-go-round has broken through the original simply structure shape into a wide variety of animal shapes, such as the lion, tiger, dolphins and so on, so carousel can also be simply called animal carousel.
Customers can buy animal merry go round according to their own requirements, and place it at the places with dense flow of people, such as amusement park, community hall, the children's palace, malls, squares, etc.

TAG:  Carousel Rides
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