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Dimensions D8mxH6m
Area 9mx9m
Number of Seats 24P
Rated Voltage 380V
Power 7kW
Version Park Model


TAG:  Carousel Rides

24 Seats Carousel is common to see in amusement parks. It is the most classic amusement ride in the world, and popular with kids, teenagers and adults. Almost every park has at least one carousel. It can be placed both indoor and outdoor.

►We have carousels with 6, 12, 16, 24, 36 seats. The shape of seats can be different sizes of horse, coffee cup, cabin, etc. Among them, horse and cabin can rotate along with bottom platform, and horse can jump ups and downs at the same time. And coffee cup itself can revolve.
►The standard product of this ride in Sinorides includes carousel, control box. we can also provide stainless-steel fence, ticket office according to your requirements.
►Carousel is one of the hot sales of Sinorides. We have exported it to Greece, Iraq, Aruba, French Polynesia, Kuwait, Armenia, and other countries. CE certificate can be provided for European clients to be cleared by the customs.

TAG:  Carousel Rides
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