24P Panic Clock Ride
Dimensions D11m×H6.77m
Running Height 12m
Area 12mx10m
Number of Seats 24P
Rated Voltage 380V/220V, 50Hz
Driven Power 75kW
Total Power 85kW
Speed 9rpm
Version Park Model


TAG:  Thrill Rides for Sale
►24P Panic Clock Ride is especially developed and produced for the people who like thrill rides very much. It's developed on the basis of the kamikaze ride and other thrill rides, it's more thrilling and exciting.
►It is mainly composed of tower body, transmission platform, double rotating arm, double heavy arm, cockpit, platform and other main components. The appearance design adopts the giant clock style. 
►The clockwork cabin carrying passengers travels between time and space, bringing them excitement and thrilling feeling to tourists.

TAG:  Thrill Rides for Sale
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