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Height Dimension 30m
Area 18mx16m
Number of Seats 72P
Number of Cars 18PCS
Motion Power 6kW
Rated Voltage 380V
Version Park Model


TAG:  Ferris Wheel
30M Ferris Wheel is always the centerpiece of an amusement park all over the world, and has become a permanent ride for amusement rides industry. In other words, a park wouldn't be complete or reputed if there's no ferris wheel inside. All families can take a ride on the wide cabin to enjoy the city's beautiful scenery as well as the fun and love between family members.
30M Ferris Wheel is not only an amusement equipment for tourists but a landmark building for one region's municipal works. Just relax on this ride with your families or friends when you move up and around the wheel!

TAG:  Ferris Wheel
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