360° Small Pendulum Ride
Dimensions 9mx9mx11m
Area 10mx14m
Number of Seats 12P
Rated Voltage 380V
Hertz 50Hz
Power 30kW
Version Park Model


TAG:  Pendulum Rides
360° Small Pendulum Ride is the small version of 360° Super Pendulum Ride. It can also do 360° rotation while running, which ensures its thrill performance. 

We take triple measures to secure its SAFETY: HARNESS, WRAIST SEAT BELT AND TRIANGLE SELT BELT. The harness has obtained patent. It adopts both pneumatic and mechanical structures. In particular, the pneumatic structure is comprised of two air cylinders. When it shuts up, the harness automatically locks up and cannot be opened manually. When it opens, the harness will gradually lift up. In this way, the possibility of injuring the riders plummets. Moreover, the cockpit is designed with an inclination Angle, which further reduces the risk of riders slipping away while lifted up high in the air.

We uses the steel pipe Φ 15 at the bottom of the cockpit which can significantly increase the bearing ability.

The whole machine adopts electric transmission system to replace the previous hydraulic transmission which will help avoid oil leakage of the motor

●We give each ride an over 80h running test before shipment covering empty load test, bias load test and full load test.


★The frequency converter, PLC, and encoder adopt foreign well-known brands to secure a smooth running;

It runs in a non-uniform motion, compared with constant speed motion, to generate thriller riding experience;

★ The cockpit is designed with an emphasis on ergonomics, and fit for all body types. Over size figure can also sit comfortably.

★ We update the brake system and shorten the swing-to-stop time, to ease the up and off board time.


► This ride is equipped with dedicated ladders for maintenance use;

► One-year worry-free after-sales support; We are there where you need us!


TAG:  Pendulum Rides
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