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36-seat Flying Chair
Dimensions D10mxH7.5m
Area 16mx16m
Number of Seats 36P
Rated Voltage 380V
Power 28kW
Version Park Model


TAG:  Flying Chair Rides

Flying Chair, also known as Wave Swinger ride, is an adult amusement ride that not only spins circularly, but also rises in the air.

►As one of the most classic attractions, it is a must for amusement parks or the carnivals. Passengers can simply be seated on the chairs, then will have the sensation of flying around the ride. Its rotation is operated by the console at the scheduled time. After start-up, all passengers go around simultaneously, rising and falling. The usual runtime is 3-5 mins, and some alteration will happen if necessary. This movement is just like the Time Machine, bringing passengers fabulous experience.

Many merits of this ride can be listed, such as multi and fresh color design, quite simple to operate, safe for kids, comfortable and stylish coach, beautiful lighting with great sounds and so on and so forth.

TAG:  Flying Chair Rides
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