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40 Seats Disco Tagada

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TAG:  Tagada Rides

TAG:  Tagada Rides
Dimensions D7.5m×H6m
Area 12mx14m
Number of Seats 40P
Motion Power 38kW
Rated Voltage 380V
Version Park Model


TAG:  Tagada Rides

Disco Tagada Ride is one popular amusement ride. The movement of it is very simple, which grows out from the rotation of the plate in different directions along with a continuous inclination generated by two separate air cylinders, both controlled by the operator.

►Disco Tagada moves just like a "dance", which makes it so popular among teenagers. A decorated background, special lights and sound system create its success. Riders sit in a round turntable without seatbelts or restraints, but there are bars behind the riders they can hold onto. When the ride starts to spin, dynamic music is playing and hydraulic arms bounce riders ups and downs. The tagada is operated by an operator who will synchronize the bounces with the musical rhythms. Most operators will leave some time for riders to get to their seats before the ride begins bouncing. Sometimes the tagada also has automatic programme which is very easy for riders to handle.
►Its capacity is also available from 12 to 40 persons.

TAG:  Tagada Rides
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