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Height Dimension 40m
Area 11mx11m
Number of Seats 20P
Rated Voltage 380V
Power 90kW
Version Park Model


TAG:  Tower Rides
The Sky Tower falls to the category of Tower Ride consists of foundation, center pillar, lifting System, hanging and rotating system, transmission system and electric control system. The lifting power works with hydraulic system, wire rope and Pulley Group. The slewing system works with a reducer and slewing bearing, as shown in the following figure:
Sky Tower is a new amusement tower ride designed and developed by SINORIDES based on investigate and survey on the domestic and overseas like products. The riders can enjoy the extreme thrill and fun by moving and rotating on the seats while the ride running.
►The total height of this ride is 40M.
FOUNDATION: It is the horizontal bearing part of the whole equipment. The equipment is fixed on the foundation embedded parts through the flange.
MAIN BODY: It is composed of main body section, main body section Ⅱ and main body section . The main body is provided with a guide wheel guide rail and anti-reverse teeth. Decorative parts and lightning rods can be mounted on the top.
LIFTING POWERSYSTEM: works with Hydraulic / Traction Machine, with pulley block, wire rope, weight components.
SLEWING SYSTEM: The slewing support is driven by the reducer.
ELECTRICAL CONTROL SYSTEM: It is the  control hub.

TAG:  Tower Rides
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