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Dimensions D9.5mxH5m
Area 14mx14m
Number of Seats 24P
Rated Voltage 380V
Hertz 50Hz
Power 16.5kW
Version Park Model


TAG:  Swing Rides
Crazy Dance Rides, also called Break Dance Rides, is one of the most thrilling and exciting spinning amusement park rides, which is very popular for family members. Amusement ride Crazy Dance is the combination of flying disco rides and energy storm rides, because it can rotate as fast as flying disco and it can lift as high as Energy Storm.
Crazy Dance has four groups and every group has four cabins and two persons for per cabin. That is, 32 people in total. 
Crazy Dance is very suitable for amusement parks, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, shopping malls, resorts, residential community and other carnivals.

TAG:  Swing Rides
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