Double Flying Rides

TAG:  Swing Rides

TAG:  Swing Rides
Dimensions D9.5mxH4m
Area 15mx15m
Number of Seats 24P
Rated Voltage 380V
Power 12kW
Version Park Model


TAG:  Swing Rides

►Double Flying Ride, also called paratrooper ride, is a classical park ride equipped with the advanced technology. The theme of the ride can be customized, and the seats are available in "kiddie" size or "adult" size. Its authentic color is manual painted, and its structure is made of fine materials.

►When the ride works, the column brings passengers at some height while swinging out with a diameter length of 5 meters, in this way the ride reaches a total height of 6.5 meters.; moreover, the top is also inclining while swinging, which makes passengers not only revolve but also move in a vertical or wave-like way. The ride can reaches an 8-10 RPM approximately.

►It can be used in playgrounds, squares, parks and outdoor playgrounds.

TAG:  Swing Rides
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