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22/30 Seats Giant Pendulum Ride
Dimensions D9mxH13.04m/D11.5mxH14.5m(static)
Area 19.6mx13.7m/24mx17m
Dynamic Heights 13.6m/21m
Number of Seats 22/30P
Swing Angle ±90°/±110°
Rated Voltage 380V
Power 96kW/120kW
Version Park Model


TAG:  Pendulum Rides

Big Pendulum Ride is one of the most thrill rides in the amusement park. It is made of super thicker steel and fiber reinforce plastic (FRP), equipped with thousands of colorful LED lights and musical instrument, and assembled with automatic restraint belts in the chairs. All of these make Swing Big Pendulum particularly attractive, thrilling and safe.

►Sinorides Swing Big Pendulum ride uses upper transimission, which means the motor is on the top of this ride. This transimission way makes it swing with a large angle (±105°) and fast speed, so that passengers will have more excited experiences. When it works, passengers will not only swing, but rotate with a gradully increasing speed and angle, so the process is much more fun and thrill.

►Swing Big Pendulum is suitable for theme parks, amusement parks, funfairs, outdoor playgrounds, etc. Until now it has been exported to Africa, Middle Asia, East Europe, etc.

TAG:  Pendulum Rides
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