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Dimensions D6.5m×H4.5m
Area 8mx8m
Number of Seats 12P
Motion Power 9.5kW
Rated Voltage 380V
Version Park Model


TAG:  Self-control Plane Rides
Design Background of Kids Fairground Rides Sugar Mice: Autumn is the harvest season, when  pine nuts, and hazelnuts planted in the spring are mature, so small flying mice are busy harvesting and carrying the grain reserved for winter. What a pleasant scene! The design uses a cartoon anthropomorphic manifestation, making small flying mice bring flying mirrors, pick up the bamboo baskets, and operate the transmission pipeline in order to build their beautiful little houses. And mice are living a happy life on the green glass and red sugar tree. 
Fairground Rides Sugar Mice Children Self-control Plane is researched and designed by Sinorides, and its beautiful design and ingenuity shape not only attract children's attention, but make adults amazed. Children can rotate with the sugar mice on both sides as the music plays. It's just like an animal world! It also will teach children to love animals and be a kind and good kids.

TAG:  Self-control Plane Rides
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