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Dimensions Track Length 97m/75m
Area 22mx12m/16mx15.5m
Number of Seats 20P
Height Dimension 4.3m/3.6m
Motion Power 25kW/18kW
Rated Voltage 380V
Version Park Model


TAG:  Kids Roller Coaster

►Snail Coaster is a kind of kids mini roller coaster, which is very popular among children & family. It includes track which has put up in different height, cabins in the shape of snails and arrestment. Exquisite workmanship, smooth surface, gorgeous colors and pleasant music are also important parts of this ride. Your ideal capacity can be customized according to your requirements.

►Snail Coaster Ride is a newly designed fairground kids ride, with totally new and cute snail appearance, which is of great fun to riders. In addition, it has a strong adaptability and can be placed in parks, squares, backyards and many other places.


TAG:  Kids Roller Coaster
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