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Dimensions D6mxH3.5m
Area 7mx7m
Number of Seats 14P
Rated Voltage 380V
Power 5kW
Version Park Model


TAG:  Carousel Rides

Macaron Carousel is a new amusement ride released by Sinorides at the end of 2018. It stands out among Carousel family with innovative crown-shape design and Macaron color (that is why we call it Macaron Carousel.)

The giant pink crown is overwhelmingly studded by diamond lights, which shine fantastically when running. Six white-horse seats and four petal-cup seats move along the center pillar. The adorable appearance, the gorgeous light effect and the light music together create fairyland ambient.

In particular, the horse pillar bottom end is fastened by two painted arched magnits, which perfects the apperance; no bare line can be found in its entirety, which garentees its water proof performance and is safer; the maintenance access is set on the bottom end of the center pillar. where you can eliminate all the possible faults.

Macaron Carousel has a capacity of 14 seats. Music is changable as you like.

TAG:  Carousel Rides
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