Mini Ferris Wheel

TAG:  Ferris Wheel

TAG:  Ferris Wheel
Height Dimension 6m
Area 5.5mx5.5m
Number of Seats 20P
Number of Cars 10PCS
Motion Power 5.5kW
Rated Voltage 380V
Version Park Model


TAG:  Ferris Wheel

Mini Ferris Wheel is a kids ride, made of fiber reinforce plastic (FRP) and equipped with gorgeous lighting, wonderful music, durable paint, and other beautiful electrical accessories. It has 5 mini flower cabins, and each for 2 kids.

►This ride can be costomized to single-face or double-face. Single-face Mini Ferris Wheel has 5 cabins, each with 2 seats, 10 seats in total. Double-face Mini Ferris Wheel has two sides, each with 5 cabins 10 seats, 20 seats in total. The cottage-shape cabins combined with bright color paint makes it adorable and attactive. 
►In order to ensure its smooth and reliable operation, it adopts the automatic frequency control to start and stop the machine.

TAG:  Ferris Wheel
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