River Rafting Ride in Sinorides is a specially designed for children. Or you have remembered the TV show “Journey to the West”, this kind of ride adopys the topic of it, and use the image “Huaguo Mountain”. I think each of the children have a dream “To directly contact Sun Wukong, or Monkey Sun, of course you should go to Huaguo Mountain”. 
As we can see in the picture, there are a variety of realistic shape of the rectangular apple, rubber, peaches, colorful. A total of six cabin, each cabin can hold two customers, the cabin is equipped with a launch device, the center of the items can be designed. The cartoon elements are very rich, once launched by the majority of the children's favorite. When the ride begins to run, you can shoot the animals when sitting in the boat, and the animal can make some funny sound, which has a strong interactivity. I believe that it must be a very popular ride in amusement ride in parks.
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