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TAG:  Train Rides

TAG:  Train Rides
Model Locomotive+3 Wagons
Locomotive Size 2.3m×1.2m×2.4m
Wagon Unit Size 2.0m×1.2m×2.4m
Number of Seats 14 Kids
Battery Load 12V/100A/4PC
Motor Power 3kW
Charge/Working Hours 10/8 Hours
Average Speed 7km/h
Container Load 1*20’GP


TAG:  Train Rides

►Sinorides Trackless/Track-Safari Elephant Train has 4 cabins, 2 seats for first cabin, and another 3 cabins, 4 seats for each one, so 14 seats in total.
►This height is 2 meters, so it's fit for adults too. Lovers, families and friends can enjoy this train together on holidays.

More details:
1). Bright colorful paints & the best quality components and parts;
2). The material is the best quality glass fiber reinforced plastics (FRP) & thick steel to ensure long service;
3). Colorful LED lamps & anti-rust steel fence.

TAG:  Train Rides
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