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Height Dimensions 38m/52m
Area 12mx10m
Number of Seats 16P
Rated Voltage 380V
Power 65kW/80kW
Version Park Model


TAG:  Tower Ride
The Shot'N Drop is a thrilling amusement ride that is composed of the pillar, the cabin, the top frame, lifting power and buffer system. Lifting power functions by the pneumatic system, steel cable and pulley group.
The Pillar: As the main structure of this ride and the running track, the pillar, made of steel structure with cross-section square, has seven parts that are connected by high-strength bolts.
·The cabin: The cabin is shaped of octangular frame structure, and is equipped with 16 pulley assemblies and 16 seats. Every pulley group has a safety-guiding device, which enable the seats to descend smoothly when the wheel polyurethane falls off. In addition, every seat is equipped with a multiple safety device, which is composed of a safety harness and two aviation safety belts. The hydraulic system of the harness, comprised of the oil cylinder and the electromagnetic reversing valve, functions to keep the harness locked up when the ride rising, only to guarantee the riders' safety.
Air Cylinder: It is a cable structure links steel cable and the cabin and make the ride move.
The Tank: It stores the compressed air, which comes up during the waiting time before lunching and the process of uploading and unloading riders.
The Launcher: A launcher is a storage area for Compressed air needed for launching. The amount of stored energy is automatically controlled by PLC according to the number of riders.
Air Compressor: The Air compressor provides the cylinder with compressed air for the ascent and descent of the cabin. the As the power source, air compressor has its own control protection.
Lubrication System: It is comprised of the Lubrication Pump Station and the corresponding control system. About its running principle see lubrication system diagram. Lubrication pump station consists of the motor, gear pump; solenoid valve and fine oil filter. The lubrication system smooths the cylinders.
Control System: The control system mainly consists of operation table, control cabinet, low-voltage distribution cabinet, pressure sensor, proximity switch. The whole system realizes a series of control such as weighing, inflating, launching, lubricating and maintenance.
"The Shot'N Drop" is tower ride that runs fast and does vertical up-and-down movement. When the riders are seated with harness locked up and seat belt fastened, they are lunched up to the top in very short time, and follows a fast drop under gravity function; and then riders bounces back to the upper middle of the tower under the air pressure; finally, they slide down gradually to the ground as preset procedure. The total running time (including the time required for riders to board on and off) is about 3-4 minutes.
By riding on the Shot'N Drop, the riders are able to enjoy the wonderful feeling of alternating between overweight and weightlessness, and become a "quasi-astronaut".

TAG:  Tower Ride
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