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40-seat Sightseeing Train Ride

TAG:  Train Rides

TAG:  Train Rides
Model Locomotive+2 Carriages
Locomotive Size 4.2m×1.75m×2.2m
Carriage Unit Size 4.2m×1.95m×2.3m
Weight of Locomotive  2200kg
Weight of Each Carriage 980kg
Gradeability ≤7°
Number of Seats 20P*2PCS
Battery Load 72V/400A
Motor Power 15kW
Charge/Working Hours 8/14 Hours
Average Speed 20km/h
Container Load 1*40’GP


TAG:  Train Rides
The huge 40-Seat Track Train Ride is made of FPR and its railway is composed by superior steel.( Remember to have a strong ground pile to protect it ) Sinorides 40-Seat Track Train facility is made of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), which has  characteristics of non-fading and durable painting. In addition, the length of railway can be customized, and if you have a big amusement park, you need a long track. 
1.The ride is powered by a single diesel engine, you can change and control the speed.
2.Notice: Turning Radius ≧ 15
3. Railway Sleepers: you’d better choose the superior steel, which is more safe and easy to contain.

TAG:  Train Rides
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