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Dimensions D10mxH12.85m
Area 20mx12.5m
Number of Seats 30P
Number of Cars 6PCS
Rated Voltage 380V
Hertz 50Hz
Power 80kW
Version Park Model


TAG:  Swing Rides
Speed Windmill Ride is one of the most popular thrill rides in amusement parks and it can make visitors have a strong feeling of tumbling and overweight.
Speed Windmill Ride is like a windmill in the sky, and tourists sit in the "windmill Blades" and slowly hold up. Then the big arm will rotates, the cockpit arm will rotate rapidly and the cockpit will rotate under gravity. How exciting it is! The windmill can dance and rotate at 360 degrees 12 meters into the sky. At this time what we should do excepting shouting? When lights on, every lamp in the windmill shines in the beautiful sky, tourists with a beautiful vision explore the colorful life track with the best hope.
Speed Windmill Ride is a large amusement ride which fixes creativity and technology. It is commonly used in large-scale amusement parks.

TAG:  Swing Rides
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