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Dimensions Track Length 320m
Area 33.37mx22m
Number of Seats 20P
Height Dimension 9.9m
Motion Power 48kW
Rated Voltage 380V
Version Park Model


TAG:  Roller Coaster
A Spinning Coaster Ride is a very popular family ride, which combines the speed of a roller coaster with the experience of a carousel ride. The cars of this roller coaster spin freely during the ride and react to acceleration - so every ride is a unique adventure. 
In addition, the passengers can be held safely in their seats by individual lap restraints, face each other, which guarantees a lot of fun for everybody.
Spinning Coaster Ride has cabins with seats built around the perimeter facing inward. These cabins spun freely on their chassis as they traveled down the track, which was trough-like and similar to that of a side friction roller coaster. 
The spinning coaster is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a family ride - exciting and safe. 

TAG:  Roller Coaster
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