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Dimensions D9.5m×H7.5m
Area 12mx12m
Number of Seats 16P
Motion Power 7.5kW
Rated Voltage 380V
Version Park Model


TAG:  Self-control Plane Rides

Star Ship is also called Blue Tralvel, a new upgrade of Blue Star in Sinorides' product range of self-control plane rides.
►This new self-control plane ride is characteristic of 8 starship-themed cockpits for, with a total capacity of 16 people. Besides, all cockpits can rotate by 360°, ontrolled by riders to rise or fall. There are 2 laser guns in each cockpit, and riders can enjoy 2 ways of happiness coming from the shooting: one is that riders shoot to the central ET-themed targets and then the ET will crane and make sounds; the other is that riders can shoot to each other to make a 'war' between the cockpits for more fun, once you're hit, your starship would vibrate and fall as a 'crash'.
►So if you are expecting to add a fierce 'combat' amusement ride into your park area, then a Sinorides Star Ship is a perfect one!

TAG:  Self-control Plane Rides
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