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Model Locomotive+3 Carriages
Locomotive Size 4.1m×1.7m×2.5m
Carriage Unit Size 4.2m×1.95m×2.5m
Number of Seats 20P*3PCS
Battery Load 72V/400A
Motor Power 15kW
Charge/Working Hours 8/14 Hours
Average Speed 16km/h
Container Load 1*40’GP


TAG:  Train Rides

Tourist Train is an interconnected low-speed rubber- tired road vehicles used for the transport of passengers. It has a driving vehicle pulling one or more carriages connected by drawbar couplings, just like the real railway train.

The carriage may seat between 6 to 40 persons. Sometimes, the commercial vehicle tram-dotto train have a roof, sometimes it is open. For safety consideration, the carriage usually has a door or chains to prevent passengers while in motion.

TAG:  Train Rides
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